An inspired B2B solution for a children’s lifestyle brand

Danish children’s lifestyle brand Liewood follows the mission of easing and inspiring the everyday lives of contemporary families. The brand is deeply rooted in Nordic design tradition but extends its products across the globe, priding itself on carefully curated and long-lasting products – including toys, interiors, furniture and clothing for babies and children.

DEPT®’s collaboration with Liewood sought to improve the brand’s online B2B site, in a way that created an integrated experience portal for all B2B clients, but that upheld its characteristic design tradition.

The challenge

At the beginning of the collaboration, Liewood had already started to outline a new B2B platform but they needed an agency with expertise in e-commerce to bring it to life. The goal was to create a one-stop-shop for both retailers and sales managers, that reclaims Liewood’s core equity in commerce and style inspiration. The brand was further looking to connect content to commerce, which would help contribute to increased sales, enhanced brand experience and loyalty, and create a scalable platform for new markets.

The solution

Instead of two separate sites – one for content, and one for commerce – we envisioned one unified experience portal for all B2B clients and began to develop a fully integrated platform. This allowed Liewood to:

  • Connect content to commerce: We consolidated the site with information and inspiration from pre-order products (content) and the shop with stock products (commerce). By having one point of entry – the new experience portal – we guaranteed a connected experience for retailers and sales managers.  
  • Increase sales: We updated the order matrix and hence made ordering easier and simpler. B2B clients can now shop across categories and collections, both for pre-orders and stock products.
  • Increase brand experience and loyalty: We introduced personalised content and product recommendations for a better brand experience. Furthermore, discounts and other additional exclusive perks for loyal customers (e.g. free shipping) increase brand loyalty.
  • Scale for new markets: As Liewood’s products are being sold by a growing number of retailers, we made sure to create scalable systems that make it easy for new retailers to sign up and shop. Additionally, we paid attention that new markets (e.g. APAC) with another website access would get the same Liewood-typical look & feel. Last but not least, with the new experience portal, it is now possible for Liewood to segment audiences and highlight products that are highly relevant to a certain segment.

The result

Our collaboration with Liewood saw an impressive outcome. The design of the new fully integrated content and commerce platform saw a significantly improved user experience, making it easy for retailers and internal storage managers to navigate the system and select their stock efficiently. Of equal importance, however, was that the aesthetic of Liewood’s brand was incorporated into the functionality of the site, which our team of designers successfully upheld – ensuring that the site was crisp, clean and representative of the Liewood brand identity. 

In optimising the synergies between the content and commerce site, DEPT® also left Liewood in the best possible standing in regard to the purchasing experience, elevating the add-to-cart feature and merging the design with stock levels, so retailers could see which products would soon be available, and plan their purchases accordingly.

The innovative design thinking demonstrated by DEPT® helped Liewood tackle a logistical challenge in a creative way – and made for a fruitful collaboration with an inspired end product.

Conducting this project with DEPT® has significantly improved the UX of our B2B platform, making it easier for our stakeholders to purchase stock and improving the overall design in a way that resonates with our brand. It was a great collaboration and we’re thrilled with the end result.

Ina August, Senior Digital Manager, Liewood


UX Designer

Max Falk

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