UX & design

User Experience (UX) design is about optimizing design, so customers have a positive interaction with your product, making them eager for frequent use. Guiding users toward completing their tasks as easily as possible is the best way for them to experience optimal engagement.

With smartphones and smart devices now virtually essential parts of daily life, users are more digitally connected than ever before. This raises customers’ standards when it comes to their digital experience. The connected customer prefers a UX design that is as beautiful as it is functional. They will simply disengage rather than wrestle with a poorly designed product.

This is why user experience lives at the heart of everything we do. DEPT® combines years of design experience with the best digital creatives in the field. We are here for scoping, technical architecture, design, UX, and development.

Our designers strive to create brand experiences that are attractive, efficient and intuitive. They can optimize your brand and platform designs for the best interaction with your target group. We focus on discovering everything we can about user behavior to craft a seamless, unique experience specific to your brand and its audience.

To deliver this experience, we need to do a bit of digging. We want to know a bit more about your audience. What are their wants? What are their needs? What are their expectations?

To unlock these insights and data, we use multiple tools to understand your audience further. From market research to ongoing user analysis through the form of heat mapping and usability testing. Testing is vital for creating a website or application that really measures the success of your end user’s experience.

Whether you have a fresh product idea, you want to try out a new navigation structure, or you want to test an app, we’re here to help you find what your users find particularly handy, easy on the eye or user-friendly.