UX research and design

With smartphones and smart devices now essential parts of daily life, users are more digitally connected than ever before, raising customers’ standards when it comes to digital experiences. Guiding users towards completing tasks as easily and enjoyably as possible is the best way for them to experience optimal engagement. 

Understanding the behaviour of your current and potential customers is critical to decision-making and a key tenet of successful business. Therefore, user experience research is vital for informing your user experience design, which is all about optimising the look and feel of digital experiences; ensuring customers have a positive interaction with your site, brand and products.

We specialise in UX research and design services from customer journey mapping and design sprints through to user testing and experimentation, always focusing on optimising your digital products to maximise return.

User experience research

Product and marketing campaigns need to be informed by accurate insights into your target audience and their behaviour. Those insights come from data. To unlock these, we utilise the optimum tools and techniques to better understand your users, from market research and ongoing user analysis to heat mapping and usability testing.

We help you understand what the data actually means by creating user-friendly dashboards, which are easy to view and monitor, helping you get closer to your users and translate real-world information into customer-focused strategies.

Collecting, interpreting and translating data into useful insights is something we do every day as a specialist UX research agency. Harnessing our expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods, we can turn data into actionable knowledge. A deep understanding of your users gives you definitive answers to questions such as:

– Who is your target customer and how do they behave?
– What devices and channels do they use?
– What are their wants/needs/expectations?
– Is the design of your website or app helping users to reach their goal?

Once you know what people are doing on your platform, you also need to know why they are doing it. Qualitative research, involving methods such as interviews and user testing, offers us a full view of real user behaviour, so you can start to make decisions based on insight rather than instinct.

User experience design

The connected customer prefers a UX design that is as beautiful as it is functional. Rather than wrestle with a poorly designed product, they will simply disengage.

Our expert designers specialise in creating user experiences that are attention-grabbing, efficient and intuitive. We can optimise your brand and platform designs for the best possible interactions with your users. We focus on discovering everything we can about user behaviour to craft a seamless, unique experience specific to your brand and its audience.

Such as international fashion search platform Lyst brought DEPT® on to design an interactive quiz that would allow them to capture compelling user data. To create the award-winning ‘Discover your fashion DNA’ campaign, we conducted user research to understand the customer. This then drove valuable insights into audiences.

We also worked with Scandinavian cult brand GANNI to create a futuristic digital showroom experience that sought to connect with buyers in revolutionary new ways in a post-COVID world. The result was an immersive microsite that evoked nostalgia with its Windows 98 aesthetic, while operating very much in a new age for the fashion industry. It delivered personalised playlists, moving lookbooks, dress-up dolls and private folders, to truly reimagine how they reached B2B customers through digital platforms.

Specialist UX design agency

User experience sits at the heart of everything we do. DEPT® combines years of design experience with the best digital creatives in the field, across disciplines such as scoping, user analysis, technical architecture and development. 

Whether you have a fresh product idea, want to try out a new navigation structure or test the response to a new app, we’re here to help you find out what your users engage with, and accelerate it.

Get in touch to find out how DEPT® can help you design user experiences that help your brand make an impact.

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