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The future of social media: How brands can prepare for what’s next

Jessica White
Jessica White
VP of Creative & Media
3 min read
14 June 2023

Social media continues to earn marketing share because of its power to build brands, engage customers, and test new strategies to drive results.

This year, DEPT® joined Adweek’s Social Media Week to share insights about what the future of social media may look like and how brands should prepare. Watch the panel led by DEPT®’s Managing Director, Claire Shalbrack, and featuring Lawrence Edmondson, Natalia Modenova of Dress X, and Gianna Valintina of

To future-proof your social media strategy, remember these four takeaways

01 – Social media is (and always has been) a subversive tool for people first, brands second.

With the velocity of change across the channels and the technologies they’ve been able to give to their user base, sometimes we forget that social media channels are for people first and foremost. 

For brands today and in the future to connect with audiences in these spaces, they need to deeply understand the user and their behaviour. The best strategies are ones that don’t disrupt that flow but add value to it. Tech like AR and Web3 are tools brands can use to create valuable experiences on these platforms.
Go where your audience is, no matter what

02 – Change is hard. Especially when it comes to marketing. 

Investing for years and years into a channel can be hard to turn away from when engagement starts to decline. The best brands and the brands who will be the leaders of the future are students of new platforms and new innovations. 

This channel mix may look a lot different than it used to. Broker relationships with existing and new platforms to peak under the hood for what is going to work for your brand and your strategy.

03- Don’t worry about being “first.” Focus on making an entrance.

Experimentation is important but don’t worry about not being “first”. As long as your execution of new or emerging technology is thoughtful, puts your consumer first and creates something meaningful, you have a great chance of being successful. 

04 – Drown out the hype.

You can’t open up your news apps or social platforms without 10 articles about generative AI. There is a sense of urgency that surrounds new tech that sometimes blinds brands into jumping in too quickly. Be intentional and thoughtful about what new tools you explore. Not everything is for every brand, and that’s ok. 


VP of Creative & Media

Jessica White