We’re DEPT®/CPG, a team supporting some of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods brands for more than 20 years.

Our unique blend of creative, media, AI and data, retail media, marketplaces, social, and emerging tech help CPG brands stay ahead in a world that never stands still.

Turning everyday brands into culture and lifestyle leaders

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is constantly in a state of flux. As new disruptors emerge, food and beverage, health and beauty, home care, and pet care brands must continuously battle for attention in physical and digital marketplaces. All the while, legacy tech systems, convoluted supply chains, and macroeconomic challenges are squeezing margins and causing inefficient operations.

To succeed in this complex and competitive industry, brands need to take a modern, data-first approach to engage with consumers, earn their trust, and keep their loyalty. Because in this era of conscious consumerism, the old rules of brand engagement cease to apply.

With 20+ years of CPG experience, we’re helping brands master emerging technology, deliver unique and personalized experiences, and balance eco-friendly and ethical practices with profitability.

DEPT®/CPG puts data-driven decision-making and digital customer experience at the center of your business operations to:

Scale personalization
By leveraging creative, data, and AI capabilities, we support next-level personalization, with bespoke creative for global audiences.

Build brands that inspire and influence
Our approach transforms buying experiences, making them intuitive and memorable. Through authentic creator collaborations and storytelling, we ensure your brand resonates deeply with your audience. Every interaction counts.

Pioneer commerce
Our team can help you achieve your biggest commerce and retail goals, from streamlining B2B purchases to launching irresistible D2C offerings. By partnering with top technology platforms and leading retail media providers, we provide the agility, innovation, and scale needed to stay ahead in the market.

End-to-end digital experience

Integrated capabilities that build CPG brands that inspire, grow, and innovate.


AI-powered lifecycle marketing and content at scale

We excel in rolling out Lifecycle Marketing strategies that boost customer loyalty and growth. Our unique blend of creativity, data and AI, along with proprietary automation tools, allow for personalized messages that build lasting loyalty at scale.

Branding and Influence

Turn your brand values into action with creative activations and lively online communities. Leading in influencer marketing, we design social media strategies that embody your brand and boost engagement, visibility, and sales.

Retail Media

We team up with big names like Amazon, Walmart, and, using our tech expertise to boost your retail campaigns everywhere. By automating product info, using AI, and optimizing processes, we’re all about hitting your e-commerce goals.

CX and Commerce

Enhance your conversion rates and sustain customer engagement with end-to-end commerce solutions. We craft effective, branded shopping experiences on your platform that seamlessly blend inspiration, engagement, and sales.

Data and AI

Gain control over your data and use it as a competitive advantage. Our creative, data, and AI team delivers next-level personalization and helps you make the right decisions at the right time to accelerate growth.

Immersive Experiences

Want to explore creative tech like spatial computing, AR/VR, gaming, and AI? We can help you redefine your shopping experiences, making them engaging and seamless for audiences both online and offline.


Redefining a 150-year-old brand’s digital presence

Understanding the unique challenges of CPG

Shoppers interact with and buy consumer packaged goods daily. But for household name brands to direct-to-consumer disruptors, becoming—and remaining—a customer’s brand of choice for their everyday purchases is a challenge that requires a strategic and innovative approach to both tech and marketing. In the vast landscape of CPG, we help brands gain a competitive edge in their categories.

Food and beverage
We craft digital marketing campaigns with standout creative that make FMCG brands a beacon in the crowded food and beverage space. Our social media strategies and influencer collaborations are designed to cultivate brand loyalty while championing the virtues of ingredient transparency and sustainability in every message.

Health and beauty
Strategic and sophisticated marketing ensures health and beauty brands not only compete but excel above competitors. Through engaging, educational content and personalized marketing, we can help you build customer loyalty while emphasizing your brand’s unique benefits.

Home care
Home care brands face unique hurdles, notably in distinguishing their products from lower-priced retailer offerings. Through targeted marketing campaigns, we ensure the advantages and correct application of products are communicated effectively, setting brands apart in a competitive market.

Pet care
We recognize the rising market demand for high-quality, specialized pet care products. Through our expertise in e-commerce and subscription models, we transform brands’ online presence to adapt to evolving shopping habits that secure their place in the homes of devoted pet owners.

Hidden Valley Ranch

Connecting ranch dressing lovers through digital experiences

Deep industry experience

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s most impactful and innovative CPG brands.

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