Creating a game that unlocks the world of engineering and coding

Drawing from years of experience collaborating with children’s TV creators, DEPT® embarked on the journey to develop our own educational game, OvO: Planet Engineer.

Through whimsical explorative play, the game encourages kids to think like coders and engineers, helping to foster a coding mindset early in life, valuable both in and out of the classroom as STEM related careers become increasingly essential. 

Introducing children to coding and engineering

OvO: Planet Engineer introduces children aged 7-12 to the world of coding and engineering through an engaging 3D game. Players step into the shoes of OvO, a Planet Engineer tasked with rescuing dying planets across the galaxy by applying core coding concepts and robotics. The game is crafted in Unity3D for PC, employing procedural generation to craft diverse planetoid environments.

The OvO: Planet Engineer game features Ovo, a planet-loving, exceptionally bright, nocturnal engineer, designed to resonate with kids. By securing funding from Film Victoria’s Assigned Production Investment – Games program, DEPT® moved forward to complete a vertical slice of the game.

OvO was developed in Unity 3D, mainly for use on the Nintendo Switch. We optimised performance and reduced file size for use on Switch handheld or on a TV. 

The game features Ovo, a giant owl cleaning up pollution on planets from different alien civilisations using robots that each have their own personality. The game’s interface is designed to be colorful, engaging, and easy to use – delivering information in a digestible way. Players are drawn into the experience through storytelling and engaging characters while learning about the world of coding and engineering.

Equipping the next generation with essential STEM skills

OvO: Planet Engineer has the potential to nurture young minds and cultivate an early passion for coding and engineering. 

Children can not only hone their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills but also develop a strong foundation in coding concepts and engineering principles. Our hope is that OvO: Planet Engineer will promote STEM education, preparing the next generation with essential skills for a technologically driven world.


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Joey Egger

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