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DEPT® Campus Partnership Program

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We care about the development of the next generation of creatives, that’s why we want to be in touch with them in the earliest stage possible. To establish this, we launched the DEPT® Campus Partnership program for Universities and Educators. Our Partnership Program offers a range of activities tailor-made for each university academic year. By becoming a partner of our Partnership Program, you give students the chance to get in touch with the agency life. We believe this will reduce the gap between student life and work life and help students shape themselves into amazing young talents.

What’s in the Partnership Program


The foundations for becoming a creative is where it all starts. We have activities in place that will introduce students into the creative industry. Understanding what all the fuzz is about and how to find your way in it. We will help them set those strong foundations.


After setting the foundations students will get a feeling of what might be right for them. It’s time to start profiling themselves a little bit towards a certain role. With activities in this stage, we start building up their hard skills but also their soft skills.


Yes, time to wrap things up and get ready for the real world. Deep-diving into and mastering the skills learned so far is how students will get the chance to become that award-winning young talent and land their first dream job.

Three program components




As a DEPT® Campus Partner you get the opportunity to mix and match activities that fit within your curriculum. You can decide which activities, when and what frequency.

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How the partnership works

Becoming a partner means that you can approach us for all of the activities mentioned above. To become a partner:

  • Reach out to us to discuss which activities you would like to pick from our menu card
  • Together we will figure out what to do and when
  • To bring our partnership out in the open we will put your logo on our DEPT® Campus website
  • We will organise quarterly partner meetings to evaluate your experience and the activities