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Digital Marketing Campus

Digital marketing is all about brainstorming and creating data tactics, anticipating online trends and building engaging customer journeys. But as you’re a marketing professional in the making, we don’t have to tell you that. What we can tell you is that we can accelerate your current knowledge to a higher level at the DEPT® Digital Marketing Campus, through a traineeship that educates you to become a true digital marketing expert. 

The DEPT® Digital Marketing Campus comprises a group of trainees just like you. It is not an internship, but a traineeship, with a starter salary and all the benefits of other employees. We’ll throw you in at the deep end, but don’t worry: we’ll arrange life jackets in the form of training sessions and workshops. In addition, we speed up your development through intensive one-on-one mentoring. You don’t just become a member of DEPT®’s Digital Marketing Campus overnight. For that, you need to be digitally-minded, have hands-on digital marketing experience, and be up-to-date with the latest trends. 

You will be exposed to the entire spectrum of digital marketing to discover what suits you the most. You will follow an outlined programme, and we will provide you with professional guidance to achieve your personal goals and realise your ambitions. You can choose traineeships with specialised disciplines, such as SEO, paid media or display.

Throughout the DEPT® Digital Marketing Campus programme, you will join various teams to hone your skills. We work for major clients such as Rituals, SteelSeries, and Microsoft and before you know it, you will be optimising the organic findability of Rituals to increase their website traffic. We’re eager to welcome and guide you, where you can learn from the right people, show us what you excel in and become a true digital marketing specialist.

So, does your heart beat faster when we talk about search engine optimisation, marketing automation, and designing effective brand experiences? Do you enjoy working in a creative team with space for personal coaching and development? If the answer is yes, the DEPT® Digital Marketing Campus is tailor made for you. 

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What else you can expect

  • Smart programmatic advertising: learn how to get the right people seeing the right ads at the right moment
  • Google Ads: learn how you can set up the best campaigns
  • How to advise clients: you already have the knowledge, but how do you convince a client to use your idea?
  • Advancing on Instagram: after the Digital Marketing Campus you will know exactly how to visualise likeable Insta posts 
  • SEO goals: you will decode Google’s algorithm
  • Fit goals: Join our (non-mandatory) bootcamp sessions
  • Getting a coffee for us? Sure, but it will not give you any bonus points. Opening beers during our Friday drinks will do that.



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