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News July 21, 2020

Dating app Inner Circle launches social distancing campaign with Dept


If you are a user of dating apps, you’ve most likely encountered ‘ghosting’ and shallow empty conversations, discouraging real-people from making connections. That’s why award-winning global dating app ‘Inner Circle’ underwent a full transformation amid the pandemic to become the app of choice for singles serious about dating. As a result, it’s userbase hit 2.5 million members in June 2020 and continues to grow.

“Launching a rebranding campaign for a dating app in the current context is a statement to say the least. However, we truly believe that Covid has actually highlighted the need for more meaningful connections and that is exactly why this campaign is so relevant in a landscape full of non-serious dating”, states René Verbong, Dept’s Executive Creative Director.

The global rebrand campaign ‘Meet your Match’ turned 10 real Inner Circle members into the face of honest dating. They were photographed in their own homes and wearing their own clothes whilst doing something that tells a story about their personality.

Headlines like ‘Filter out time wasters’ and ‘We’ll save you from the same old’, encouraged singles to seek deeper connections that go beyond physical attraction and survive the 1.5-metre rule.

Inner Circle’s CMO, Sanneke Boesveldt states: “The ‘Meet your Match’ campaign is the first of many ways we plan to address how much we encourage people to take dating seriously. It starts with the screening. We filter out fake profiles, scammers and people who aren’t putting in the effort. But there are many more ways we challenge our users to be their best and true selves on our platform. Since we believe only then will you be able to meet your match. And not just any match.”

The rebranding campaign utilises digital and social platforms but also has OOH and influencer aspects as part of the global media plan. It’s now in London and The Netherlands and is aiming to launch in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro by the beginning of August.

‘Meet your Match’ is the first collaboration between the dating app and Dept, their new creative and strategic partner, after they won the global agency review at the beginning of the year.


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