Imagine meeting someone at a party that:

… intrudes your personal conversation.
… only talks about themselves.
… tells the same story again and again.
… never responds to you.

Not very likeable, right? Yet, it’s what many brands do on social media. We are a bunch of creative people who help brands not to be “that guy”.

How can we help

Time is one of the most precious things in life. We are honoured if people choose to spend their time on our content. We are obliged to make every second count. Our content has to enrich their life – make them laugh, cry, think or feel. If not, only one tap, scroll or swipe makes our content disappear again. Our competition consists of kitten videos and birth announcements, so we’d better bring something to the table.

What makes us the agency that creates content that doesn’t waste your time?

Our people are hooked on their social account. Their mother language is ‘meme’ and they are genuinely in love with their job. They make sure that interactions are more than a simple like or share. They go for brand authenticity, less photoshop, and work together with our favourite influencers to gain more followers.

We know all about your customers’ favourite social media platform, whether that’s LinkedIn, Instagram Stories or TikTok. And help you to balance between them. We understand that each platform has its own culture and language, and we hate a “one size fits all” strategy. Our mix of content creators, community managers and data scientists create both the large awareness campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as  “below-the-line” campaigns shareable on private social channels like WhatsApp. We are here to help you to find an authentic, low-cost way to promote your products to the next generation to future-proof your brand.