Catalysing health in the most human way possible

Fitbit has become synonymous with wearable technology. For years, they’ve been designing products and experiences that fit seamlessly into people’s everyday lives. 

Today, people spend, on average, 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media daily, scrolling and swiping instead of stretching and sweating. This lack of movement is why Fitbit turned to DEPT® to inspire people across the EMEA and MENA regions to live more actively.

One size doesn’t fit all

Fitbit is a product worn by a diverse set of people–with different goals and stages of their fitness journey.

This diversity among our audience presented our first challenge, but instead of seeing this as a negative, we made it a differentiator. Embracing the diversity of our audience highlighted how Fitbit can be a perfect fit for anyone.

The second challenge was local relevance. For our social media strategy to work, it needed to resonate across 13 countries, each with different cultures and user behaviours. That’s why we took a holistic approach to showcase how Fitbit can connect with people anytime, anywhere.

Work that translates across cultures and languages

To connect these demographics and regions, we catalysed health in the most human way possible. Our approach highlights small wins and massive victories for the elite athlete and someone taking their first step into fitness.

Our team produced 400+ static, video, and interactive assets shared across 13 local market Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages each month. While creating the assets, we carefully considered the effect of translations on the overall message. We worked closely with local markets to understand the language and phrases that would work universally across EMEA, and we used motivating statements instead of conversational sentences to reduce translation costs and maximize screen space. 

The outcome is one asset seamlessly adapted and seen on news feeds across the globe, culminating in industry-leading results.






above industry average engagement rate

It all fits together

Our approach to embracing the diversity of our audience, combined with social-first, benefit-led content that avoids individual goals in favour of relatable, every day and topical moments, helped us reach our client’s goal. In time we saw Fitbit’s audience grow and be inspired to exercise their mental and physical health, all through the power of social media.


Head of Digital Marketing

Brian Brophy

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