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From our Depsters September 25, 2018

Get Social #2


Wondering what’s happening in the realm of social media? From audio-only broadcasts on Twitter to Dynamics Ads in LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager, there’s a lot of great stuff awaiting. So buckle up for another roundup of social media updates.


Facebook rolls out new Standard Events

To put it simply, Standard Events are Facebook pre-defined actions that people take on your website, they are tracked with Facebook Pixel. Until now, marketers could track nine Standard Events. Facebook is now introducing eight new standard events: Contact, Customize Product, Donate, Find Location, Schedule, Start Trial, Submit Application and Subscribe. What’s more, marketers will be able to access two app-specific events: Ad Click and Ad Impression.

Cost metrics will be refreshed in Ads Manager. They will now combine the cost of all interactions from website, mobile and offline. A move away from a single channel approach. Additionally, an update to the Customise Column Selector will allow users to select a metric and view data from all three channels. These updates will help marketers better evaluate ad campaigns.

Considering how valuable standard events are for tracking and custom audience building, the additions are more than welcome.


Facebook brings a new authorisation process for Pages

To help keep pages as authentic and transparent as possible, Facebook launched a new authorisation process in August.

The goal is to make it harder for users to control a Page using a bogus or compromised account. The process involves using two-factor authentication and confirming their primary location. Completing the process will be the only way to maintain a user’s posting privileges.

Additionally, Facebook will add a ‘People Who Manage This Page’ section. This will showcase the primary country locations of people managing a page. Fans and visitors will also be able to view any page mergers from the past under Page History.

Currently, the procedure affects users who manage pages with a big US based audience.


Instagram experiments with video tagging

There may be a new feature coming to Instagram. Instagram has allowed a small group of users to try a new video tag feature. Similar to photo tagging, video tags let you add people to your video. Instead of icons representing profiles on the photo, tagged people will appear in the form of a list. There are not many details regarding the feature and its potential release.

From a marketer’s perspective, video tagging would be a great addition. As video content seems to keep growing, allowing users to tag their favourite brands could open new ways to promote products and services.

Get your account verified on Instagram

Are you craving a blue checkmark by your brand’s name on Instagram? Behold, Instagram now allows users to apply for account verification. To be eligible for submitting the verification request, your account needs to meet specific Instagram criteria. If you do, you should be able to see the ‘Request Verification’ option in your app Settings. The verification form will require a copy of your legal or business identification.

Submitting the form doesn’t guarantee you a blue checkmark. When reviewed, you will be notified if your request has been approved or declined.

Verification requests are just one of the new three tools the platform has announced in their recent update. Future updates include support for third-party authentication apps and the addition of an ‘About The Account’ information section.


Twitter introduces audio-only broadcasts

Would love to live stream but not keen on being on camera? Twitter’s got you covered with its audio-only broadcasting. Available currently on iOS, users can go live by sharing your voice-only content. Recordings will be accessible to users across all platforms. Content creators can see a range of metrics such as the number of live viewers, replay viewers and other stats.

I love podcasts so for me audio-only content is absolutely genius. It sounds like a perfect venue for interviews, news updates or even ‘story time’ content.

Twitter ends support for legacy APIs

You might have seen the #BreakingMyTwitter hashtags on Twitter trending not so long ago. The reason behind this: Twitter is gradually shutting down their legacy APIs. Twitter’s decision has caused ripples across the digital realm. Third-party apps such as Tweetbot or Twitterific have been left trying to figure out their next steps. Apps have been affected in various ways, from features being disabled or limited, to whole apps going offline. It will be interesting to see how these issues can be resolved.


Automated bidding now available on LinkedIn

Users can now avail of automated bidding for Sponsored Content. Based on machine learning and historical data from your account, the system will adjust automatically to deliver the best results possible for your objective. As a result, you can save up to 30% of your cost per results. Automated bidding will be available for website visits, awareness, lead form submissions, website conversions and video views.

It is excellent news as automated bidding often saves us money and time. After all, the system works on the principle of using our budget efficiently.

LinkedIn introduces Dynamic Ads

To help offer more personalised ads, marketers can now use LinkedIn Dynamic Ads directly from Campaign Manager. It allows the system to streamline your campaign while adding a personal touch – a great way to create more personal experiences between a brand and audience. Dynamic ads come with pre-built templates, auto-translation and even data mapping tools.

As a part of LinkedIn’s self-service advertising platform, Dynamics Ads will push advertisers to build more relevant ads. I can’t wait to take it for a spin myself.


YouTube launched YouTube Giving

To help users support causes they believe in, YouTube introduced YouTube Giving. This set of tools assists creators and registered charities with fundraising campaigns. They include Fundraisers (beta), Community fundraisers (beta), Campaign matching (beta), and Super Chat for Good. The idea behind those features is to help create and raise funds directly on YouTube. As in the beta stage, YouTube Giving is currently available to a small number of participants.

YouTube introduced changes to non-skippable ads

Last month Youtube made changes to non-skippable ads. First, they introduced a maximum length. Second, creators have now the ability to turn on non-skippable ads for their videos. It will be available to everyone in the YouTube Partner programme. Great news for creators as un-skippable ads tend to make slightly more money than skippable ads. To learn more, check out the Creator Insider video below.

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