Creative campaign strategy

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to break through the clutter in the ad-saturated world that we live in. But what does it take to create a creative campaign that really sticks?

At DEPT®, we create the stories that brands want to tell and your audience wants to hear. Whether it’s down to an authentic message, clever branding or boundary-pushing creative, our experts will help you apply creativity that is deeply human to develop end-to-end creative marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience. 

Creative campaign ideation

In the spirit of true creativity, there isn’t one defined process for developing creative campaigns. That’s why DEPT® takes a unique approach to each brief. But the first steps in our strategic approach always involve defining goals, KPIs and the target audience. 

From that point, we can get under the skin of what the audience wants to hear, as well as outline the primary messages and deliverables to conceptualise a brand story that will sit at the heart of your campaign.   

DEPT® was tasked by Philips to develop a campaign to launch their new multigroomer that would break through noise in the male grooming market. Our bold and inclusive ‘For Everybody and Every Body’ campaign shows how their product is the obvious choice for all modern grooming needs.

And for Johnnie Walker, we conceptualised its ‘Less Talking, Keep Walking’ campaign to work across online, offline (TV and OOH) and trade channels and successfully engage with a younger target audience across Eastern Europe.

Marketing campaign management

When you have a strong brand story and know exactly who needs to hear about it, you need to define how, where and when to get through to your target audience, which can be difficult in a digital space that is overflowing with competing content. 

That’s where DEPT® can help. Our specialists have proven experience of managing marketing campaigns that build brand awareness and deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

We conceptualise and deliver authentic through the line campaigns comprising tailored and locally relevant content for all online and offline channels; be it search engine advertising, social media or OOH media buying, to name a few. 

We joined forces with Fiit to help with their social, search and affiliate strategies to make it the most downloaded and most used fitness app in the UK. For JYSK we developed a Google search marketing strategy for twenty countries, and for Unilever-owned beauty brand, Paula’s Choice, DEPT® launched an affiliate programme to reach new customers, while forging stronger bonds with existing influencers.

The DEPT® approach

The DEPT® team is experienced in developing effective creative strategies across the entire customer journey. So whether your campaign is about customer acquisition or lifecycle marketing, we can help. 

As pioneers in marketing and tech, we distinguish ourselves by including the relevant tech and data specialists within every stage of the creative process, ensuring that every element is refined from the get go to maximise results. 

Working with a full service agency puts experts in control of all stages of your campaign, from brand and CX to content, social and paid media, to ensure its success. DEPT® has the talent and know-how to drive results for every creative marketing campaign, no matter how big or small, and make sure your brand cuts through the noise. 

Get in touch today to find out how DEPT® can help you develop and deliver creative campaigns that drive results. 

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