Campaigns & Activation

Marketers are looking for ways to break through the clutter in the ad-saturated world that we live in. But with so many ads floating around unnoticed, what does it take to create a campaign or activation that really sticks? Whether it’s down to an authentic message, a funny script, or clever branding, our experts help you to apply creativity that is deeply human and no longer wastes your time.

Stand out

So your brand story is beyond amazing, and you know exactly who needs to hear about it. Time to ask yourself this three-sided question: how, where, and when do I get through to my target audience in a world that’s saturated with competing content? To stand out among all those cat GIFs, hotel deals, and baby pictures relevance is the key.

All in one

Sometimes, the best campaign to convey your story does not consist of ads. This is why we look at your challenge from every point of view. This means we don’t stick to a set solution for each problem, but look at the means we need to take your brand story to your target audience. If this requires building a slick website, running smart SEA, or creating giant murals in 7 different cities (hello, Netflix!), we have the talent and the knowledge in-house.

How can we help

DEPT® is a collective of creative talents. Designers, copywriters, strategists, data scientists and marketers all work
happily side-by-side with our technology professionals. After all, storytelling is as relevant today as it was in the past, but technology is what changes a regular story into an amazing one. One that breaks through the clutter of cat GIFs and easily stands out. And whether your goals are brand building, generating sales or both, we make sure to track and measure your campaigns, allowing you to adjust accordingly and ensuring the best impact.