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Building a community using the Galaxy Note 9

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An extraordinary location + a new Samsung device + great photographers / influencers = the recipe for an awesome content production in which the community is up close.

A journey through the city of golden cupolas

Our task was to design, plan and execute a workshop trip for the Samsung Snapshooter Community, where they could try out the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The destination was supposed to be a city that the urban photographers were not yet familiar with. We, therefore, chose Kiev, the capital of Ukraine – a city that has numerous opportunities for content production whilst at the same time covering the different stylistic directions.

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Samsung Kiew Dept
Samsung Kiew Dept
Samsung Kiew Dept

Creating a unique community event

The Snapshooters had the opportunity to explore the city for four days with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and record their impressions in the form of photos and videos in order to produce content for their own Instagram channels and for Samsung’s social media channels and a microsite.

They also took part in a workshop in order to familiarise themselves with all of the functions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and to allow them to explain these functions to their community.

In order to strengthen the community and at the same time support the Snapshooters, lectures were held by speakers within the Snapshooter network on the topics of photography, image editing and Instagram Video.

A total of 26 Samsung Snapshooters went on a trip to the Ukrainian capital Kiev in order to attend a workshop and to create content with their new Samsung Galaxy Note9. The cooperation was not attached to any deliverables and all posts and stories were published unpaid and voluntarily, as the purpose of the trip was mainly the community building and testing of the new device. However, we introduced a challenge to all participants where they could win Samsung products as an incentive for publications.


  • Community and relationship building for Samsung influencer community
  • Awareness for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note9
  • Content creation for influencers and Samsung own channels