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Piëch is a Swiss sports car company, co-founded by Toni Piëch, great-grandson of the legendary Ferdinand Porsche, founder of Porsche. Toni, and his business partner Rea Stark approached DEPT® with a need to properly articulate & communicate their clear ambitions and intentions for this exciting new European player in the automotive market, through its brand.

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Working closely with the founders and their team we have developed a full creative strategy built around a new strong and authentic set of brand pillars. A brand that combines its great European heritage with cutting edge technology and thinking. One that will give the industry a real shot in the arm, that dreams big enough to believe anything is possible, and has the experience to manufacture to the very limits of what is possible.

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“DEPT® is my go-to agency when I need to get down and distil the essence of an idea or brand. They can think, they can write, and it all comes in a beautiful, clear and simple package. They have done an incredible amount of heavy lifting for my current venture, and they made it all seem easy. Also they’re reliable and a pleasure to work with.”

Toni Piëch, Co-Founder

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