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Democratizing genomic sequencing

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DEPT®, along with AWS and Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, developed Easy Genomics, an open-source solution providing a no-code way to analyse genomic data.

Genomic sequencing is a complex and costly process

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that genomic sequencing will play a major part in the future of (public) health. Traditionally, executing genomics pipelines require technical expertise that’s an intensive, complex and expensive process to set up and run. 

Easy Genomics is here to change that. Having timely and complete access to genomic sequencing data and analytics helps public health agencies respond better to a disease.

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A digital solution to simplify genomic sequencing for labs around the globe

Amazon Web Services (AWS) connected the dots in simplifying genomic sequencing and approached us at DEPT® along with Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WPHL) in creating an open-source digital solution to help gain a better understanding of diseases and disease prevention.

The Association of Public Health Laboratories will use Easy Genomics in all public health labs in the USA. The collaborative efforts have resulted in a game-changing solution that’s already revolutionising the future of public health bioinformatics.

Easy Genomics presents an exciting new opportunity to make pipelines and data more accessible to public health agencies while realising the benefits of scalable, cost-efficient pipeline execution on AWS infrastructure.

Dawn Heisey-Grove, Public Health Analytics Leader at AWS

Accelerating genomics sequencing analytics

Easy Genomics addresses a challenge faced by public health laboratories when it comes to scaling genomics sequencing capacity during times of crisis.

These laboratories necessitate a user-friendly, manageable, and scalable genomic sequencing solution. With Easy Genomics, public health agencies can achieve the following:

  • Effortlessly handle laboratory sequencing datasets and initiate pipelines with minimal training or specialised knowledge
  • Facilitate secure collaboration to enhance productivity
  • Quickly expand their analysis capabilities to meet unforeseen demands by utilising the AWS cloud platform
  • Reduce infrastructure expenses by only paying for the required infrastructure when necessary

Simply, an open source solution to genomic sequencing without additional coders or bioinformatics staff and that is accessible to everyone.

The launch of Easy Genomics means public health labs that don’t have technical staff now have access to a tool that makes it simple to run genomic pipelines on their lab tests. That means communicable diseases like COVID-19 can have their variants far better tracked by public health authorities.


SVP of Growth APAC & Head of Australia

Evan Davey

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