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Opening the digital door for customers of the luxury segment


Wempe leans on a 140-year old family tradition, merely because they’ve always valued a personal relationship with their customers. In this day and age, however, even those traditional companies can’t escape digital transition.

But how do you transfer existing values, such as an offline personal relationship, to the digital world of e-commerce? This is where Dept stepped in.

The customer remains king

Dept and Wempe created a digital experience for customers who have an affinity for the finer things in life. Personal service is at the heart of every Wempe showroom, as it should in the digital equivalent. We looked closely and found three things people experience when visiting Wempe: beautiful surroundings, knowledgeable friendly personnel and insightful stories.


Premium Photography & Pointed Illustrations

We used these insights as inspiration for the new Wempe e-commerce platform and created a stunning visual identity, that revolves around the typography and styling used in luxury watches. We set up visual guidelines for an approachable, warm photography-style that shows the high-quality products proportion to the wearer and the people making the pictures seem warm and likeable.


Flawless user experience

Personal service is the heart of every Wempe showroom. Customers are greeted with a handshake and a glass of champagne. The customer is always the centre of attention and is advised in the most polite, individual and competent manner. To translate this to digital, impeccable design and usability was implemented in the newly launched online shop that continues to focus on that personal relationship Wempe is known for. A Customer-centric experience and set content that we specifically crafted to instantly capture the clients longing for something beautiful tailored to their needs. Illustrations by internationally renowned artist Pablo Amargo which reinforced the relationship the brand has with its customers.


Times change, values remain – even in the digital world

Taking luxury e-commerce the crucial step further

But we are not stopping here, after completing the digital environment, new needs are being addressed. We are continuing to enhance the experience with digital improvements to further support the client with even better: service, real-time support and bespoke design.

The establishment of this e-commerce platform has given Wempe the opportunity to address completely new target groups and segments. Since its launch, a very high rate of new and returning customers was recorded. The number of purchases has also risen steadily since it went live – the company’s first sale happened within hours after their website launched, which is remarkable for a high-priced luxury brand. Wempe has proven it can drive the brand forward delivering excellence and service and translate those to the digital domain, ain’t that a beautiful diamond.

These people know everything about this project!