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dwf LLP

Innovative legal case management platform


dwf LLP is a British commercial law firm, headquartered in Manchester with twelve offices across England, Scotland and Ireland. With over 2,500 employees and an annual revenue of over £190 million, dwf LLP is one of the largest law firms in the country. And as a forward-thinking organisation, dwf LLP was keen to implement a Digital Transformation strategy to improve customer experience, whilst delivering operational efficiencies.

Project objectives

The organisation had already identified that digital could provide a key differentiator for it in the legal sector, and sought a like-minded agency who could help them develop and implement an innovative, digital case management platform. dwf LLP wanted a centralised extranet, accessible to clients and employees, which could act as a hub for all information and documentation related to legal cases. The overarching objectives of this project were to develop a centralised system, providing a personalised dashboard for clients and lawyers with up-to-date legal case information, access to documentation and a platform to collaborate with stakeholders. Also, dwf LLP wanted to drive operational efficiency by freeing up some of the time lawyers were spending on account management.

Dept provided full life-cycle services for this project, from requirements gathering, creative and UX, through to front and back-end Umbraco development and delivery. We also created a digital roadmap for dwf LLP, to provide a structured strategy to help them fulfil their digital potential.



dwf LLP link is a centralised system that provides secure and timely legal case information to clients and lawyers. Clients are able to access, manage and share legal cases, important documents, products and contacts all in one secure location, at any time and from any device, without the need to install system software.

Personalised dashboards act as the gateway to all legal case documentation and status information. With everything in one location, clients have the flexibility to view legal documents, contracts, medical expert reports, witness reports, letters and management data.

  • Clients can quickly view current stats and data relating to live cases and costs, helping them to manage their budget and make decisions.
  • dwf LLP link gives clients the flexibility to collaborate with everyone involved in their legal case, removing lengthy email chains.
  • Stakeholders can co-work on documents online, reducing response times from third party suppliers by using notifications to signpost the clauses and information that they need to advise on.
  • A powerful search tool enables clients to navigate through documents, data and contacts at speed.

Secure document management

The system is built on a hyper-secure internal network, and encompasses granular role and permissions functionality to ensure the privacy and protection of clients’ information. Clients have the power to control access of different levels of data for people within their teams, and can also provide levels of access to third parties, such as medical experts, barristers and opposing counsel. Everyone working in parallel helps generate a speedy turnaround of work. As people move on, it’s a straight forward, self-serve process to transfer access rights, so clients’ work is always accessible and visible to the relevant people.

dwf LLP link is transparent and gives clients unlimited access to their key contacts and dwf LLP’s business and legal experts. By acting as a contacts database, clients can easily trace and contact the lawyers working on each of their legal cases, which reduces the time needed to triage and respond to telephone enquiries. In turn, this has improved the customer experience; clients now know exactly who the right person to deal with their enquiry is, and can contact them in the knowledge that they all have access to the most up-to-date information. A content streaming service delivers tailored news, updates and event information from across the web.

Continuous improvement

In regards to revenue improvements, dwf LLP now has a digital platform to cross-sell and up-sell to clients, based on their account history. Clients can access dwf LLP’s full range of apps and products, and request free trials and demos. The business is already benefiting from operational efficiencies. By enabling clients to access the status and documentation related to their legal cases, there has been time savings related to the reduction in the number of inbound calls to lawyers.

We are continuing to work closely with dwf LLP, and are currently developing new functionality to further improve dwf LLP link. Marketing automation functionality will enable automated, personalised e-mails to clients and employees, which will summarise the last week’s actions in relation to specific cases. A new speed reading widget will inform a lawyer of the estimated time needed to read through all the case documentation, based on their average word-per-minute speed. Based on an individual’s permission level, they will have access to an events calendar which will include lead times for when cases go to litigation, and encourage attendance at dwf LLP’s events.

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