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Driving digital transformation while optimising user experience


Copenhagen-headquartered furniture design brand Muuto turned to Dept to help it drive digital transformation and deliver an enhanced customer experience. With products available in over 600 stores across the globe, Muuto’s contemporary design ethos reflects the enduring aesthetics, functionality and craftsmanship of Scandinavian design tradition.



Muuto is a suitable name for the Danish design house; translating as “a new perspective” in Finnish, Muuto aims to continuously seek out, embrace and create new perspectives via their designs and aesthetic expression.

Muuto’s products have been successful in Denmark and across the globe for a long time. Experiencing a steep growth curve, it became necessary to streamline both external and internal processes to further scale internationally and achieve its ambitious growth targets.

This ambition to make it easier to do business with Muuto, as well as working smarter, kickstarted a comprehensive digital transformation, which started with the development of a B2B platform.


At the core of the project was the need to create a balance between Muuto’s strong brand identity and a personal, frictionless and efficient customer experience, all to ensure the best possible partnerships.

Dept was brought in alongside design studio Norgram and IT consultancy Immeo. In close collaboration with Muuto, a scalable solution was built, bringing life to the vision of launching “a new perspective” on a strong platform.


Our collaboration with Muuto began with a strategic pre-analysis, covering the overall goals for the future platform. As the aspiration for a digital transformation was central, this process enabled Muuto to prioritise what was to be developed short-term as well as long-term. This resulted in a centralised digital solution that enables easy access to information, self-service tools and an intuitive online shopping experience for B2B customers.

The solution aims to provide an experience of Muuto’s products as near to real life as possible, through strong imagery and an advanced product configurator, visually communicating tactility, materials, colours and geometry across its full product range.

Through customisation of materials and colours, the configurator offers more than 100,000 different options, allowing B2B customers to utilise the tool in-store, and to pre-configure all combinations according to their needs.



Throughout the entire process, the focus was on the end user, and on enabling them to explore and access Muuto’s products in an easy but extraordinary way. 

The solution was channelled into three different sites to enable personalisation of the experience and to meet the different needs of all Muuto’s target groups. Ultimately, the core objective was to deliver exceptional customer service across its three core groups: 

  1. A toolbox targeting designers and architects looking for specification tools, information and inspiration, which can be accessed without user-login
  2. A partner platform for wholesale customers, which requires a login, whereafter the user can order products online, access a personalised dashboard with order details and contacts, as well as segmented product views and inspirational content
  3. A B2C-targeted brand site 


Over the course of two years, Dept supported Muuto in its digital transformation. The result? Sites to service both B2B and B2C customers, built on Optimizely (previously Episerver), which not only centralises all of the user’s information and enables online ordering, but also makes it easy for content editors to access and update content based on different offerings and seasonal changes. All of the websites include a next-level product configurator.

Offering a simple but powerful solution that elevates the user experience and customer satisfaction, the new tailored website has got off to a flying start:

  • 20% of turnover in the regions on-boarded has been put into the platform
  • Muuto has experienced a massive decline in bounce rate on the site, while overall relevance has increased
  • Recurring trivial customer service enquiries have decreased, freeing up time and resources for further development and improved service 
  • The site and tool can be used for other projects, such as in virtual sales meetings

Muuto’s core values and exceptional customer service have been digitally recreated and elevated, striking a balance between practicality, elegance, and branding principles, with the help of Dept.


Through the new Partner Platform, which meets the needs of all the different collaborators and customers, Muuto has fulfilled the ambition of introducing “a new perspective” in a digital world, mastering the digital transformation.

“I am proud of what we as a team have achieved. We set the bar high and ended up with a result that brings value to our customers and makes us work smarter internally – all in a strong, digital brand universe. We would not have succeeded without strong partners to challenge and guide us through the project.” – Tina Korshøj, Head of Digital at Muuto.

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