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Achieving triple-digit growth via a full-funnel media strategy

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Since 2001, SteelSeries has fueled the gaming industry by creating innovative new products, designed specifically for eSports and passionate gamers everywhere. Headquartered in the US and with offices in Denmark and Taiwan, SteelSeries is a major player in the manufacturing of gaming equipment, including headsets, controllers and keyboards. SteelSeries had reached a point where further, substantial market share growth could no longer be achieved by simply investing more media budget into the lower funnel marketing activities. Together, we’ve evolved SteelSeries’ media strategy to embrace the full customer journey, acknowledging that the consumer path is a journey and the first step isn’t a purchase. The result? A 127% increase in ROAS; now that’s how you accelerate growth.

Building a structured KPI approach

Having built a sound lower-funnel marketing foundation, it was time for SteelSeries to start focussing on the brand’s long-term growth. SteelSeries and Dept joined forces to rethink its media investment and strategy. We implemented a full-funnel messaging and buying strategy that centered on raising brand awareness to, ultimately, meet SteelSeries’ ambitious growth targets. The project started with a structured KPI approach that gave us the possibility to measure the branding activities for each step of the customer journey.


a full-funnel strategy to raise brand awareness

Ads that tell the brand story

By measuring success at each step of the customer journey, the marketing budget was optimised between lower-funnel marketing activities and upper-funnel branding activities. A keystone in the project was the company’s “tried & true” channels: Facebook and Instagram.

We also took it a step further and introduced the brand to a new social platform, Snapchat. We tailored the messaging to better speak to new users who were unfamiliar with the brand. We prioritised video ads and tested new, engaging ad formats like Instagram Story polls and Snapchat Story ads. With humour and catchy slogans, we built a new tone of voice and brand story.

Maximising the impact of every dollar spent

During the project, we continuously made improvements and gathered learnings along the way which ensured that the strategy only grew stronger as we progressed. This, together with smart bidding, real-time pricing strategies and ongoing analysis based on the KPIs we set from the outset, ensured that we outbid the competition and that SteelSeries maximised the impact of every dollar spent.

By combining all assets in a knowledge bank, SteelSeries is now equipped with best practices around creatives, formats, platforms, audiences and strategies. This will ensure the full-funnel messaging approach and strategy will only grow stronger throughout the year and into the future.


This is just the beginning

By using smart data and an innovative media strategy, we were able to achieve an impressive double-digit growth:

  • A 629% increase in traffic to the SteelSeries website.
  • A 53% increase in click-through rate.
  • A 324% increase in revenue year over year.
  • A 127% increase in ROAS.

Now that SteelSeries have tested and proven a solid foundation for its long-term growth plans, we will be enhancing the multi-channel marketing strategy to include new channels such as YouTube.

SteelSeries is an innovative gaming brand that showed its passion across all its channels, and the results show that gamers have reacted.

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