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News September 21, 2018

The WimLex Show brings e-commerce trends to the podcast

WimLex Podcasts PR Dept

A source of inspiration for everyone that wants to be updated on entrepreneurship and e-commerce. That is the goal of the new podcast by Willem Blom, Director Data & Intelligence at Dept, and Alexander Graf, founder of Kassenzone. During The WimLex Show, the duo discusses, among other things, e-commerce and innovative business models with other pioneers from the industry.

The podcast is based on Kassenzone, that was founded by Graf and expanded into Germany’s leading podcast show about e-commerce, retail, and digitization. Among the first guests were Ben Woldring, Willem Kesteloo, Josh Luber, and Jordan Watson. In addition, the listeners can set the tone by pointing out specific subjects or guests they like to hear in the podcast.

“Launching a similar podcast show in Europe was quite a spontaneous idea”, according to Graf. “Willem and I were brainstorming about how to reach our audience in the best way. Given the success of Kassenzone, we decided to set up an English variant in Europe.”

“Our guests are all linked to e-commerce, entrepreneurship and innovation, but they each have their own point of view”, Blom adds. “This diversity ensures that we can highlight recent trends from different perspectives. From someone who has created groundbreaking, sustainable solutions for solar energy to a ‘Nasdaq’ for sneakers. These different perspectives make the podcast very interesting to make.”

The WimLex Show is now available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify.

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