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News July 31, 2018

Dept helps Aruba with an allover country marketing campaign

Dept - Aruba's digital marketing partner

As of July 2018, Dept is going to be the digital marketing partner of the island of Aruba to expand the overall marketing efforts of the country. Through SEO and creative campaigns, Dept and Aruba are going to join forces to enhance the name recognition of the sunny holiday destination, with the goal of drawing more tourists towards Aruba for a relaxing holiday.

The island runs on tourism and the Netherlands is an important market for Aruba. The most important task for Dept is to ensure that the flights to the island remain at full capacity. Dept and Aruba are marketing the island as an attractive holiday destination. Not only by highlighting the white beaches and the tropical sea as unique selling points, but also by highlighting the warm culture that the country holds. Aruba is a sunny paradise, but besides that, the activities, gastronomy and rich culture on the island are numerous. Several teams of Dept are working together for the upcoming campaigns, for example SEO campaigns. Dept works with automated campaigns based on machine learning and smart bidding. These will be measured to check if the target audience actually books the holiday after seeing the banners. In addition, Dept produces creative campaigns to take the city marketing to a higher level, for example by telling stories about the real Aruba. This is already present on the website of Aruba.

Jaap Ellis, Sales and Marketing Manager Europe Aruba Tourism Authority: “We are very happy that we are going to cooperate with this innovative organisation, with an approach that fits well with the objective of Aruba. We look forward to market Aruba as a beautiful beach destination with a rich culture for the target group and reach the internal goals together.”

Maurice van Elshuis, Display/RTB at Dept: “Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) has chosen Dept as their digital agency for a strategic partnership after a comprehensive office orientation. In collaboration with ATA we are going to put a strategy, structure and media plan together. This overall plan stimulates the journey of the users from their first online impression to booking the actual holiday and sharing their One Happy Island experience. We look forward to the intensive cooperation to welcome more visitors to the island.”

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