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DEPT® wins a record 65 Lovie Awards & is named AOTY for the third time

Marjan Straathof
Marjan Straathof
Global SVP of Marketing
9 min read
9 November 2023

DEPT® is celebrating winning 65 awards at the 2023 Lovie Awards and being named Agency of the Year for the third time. With 12 Gold, 13 Silver, 10 Bronze and 30 People’s Lovie awards with clients including Bang & Olufsen, eBay, Just Eat Takeaway, Lapierre and Virgin Galactic, DEPT® has set a new record for the most wins in Lovie Awards history.

Setting the standard

Competing against 1,200 entries from 30 countries, our work has been selected as the best in its category, reinforcing our position as a leading agency that’s setting the standard for tech and marketing. Our range of winning projects reflect our innovative approach to utilizing AI and immersive experiences to deliver real business value for our clients.

Big winners include the stunning custom 3D avatars created for Bang & Olufsen’s ‘See Yourself in Sound’ experience by Hello Monday/DEPT®, the AI-fuelled immersive experience, Prepare to Pioneer, by DOGSTUDIO/DEPT®,  the pre-loved fashion campaign for eBay x Love Island, and the beautiful site created for sustainable fashion brand Evrnu. 

“We’re committed to pioneering tech and marketing to help our clients stay ahead, and seeing these incredible projects achieve recognition from both the Lovie judges and the general public is both humbling and reassuring that we’re delivering on our promise,” said Dimi Albers, Global CEO at DEPT®. “We’re super proud of our teams who are so dedicated to their craft and, of course, to our clients who trust us to deliver for them. Thanks to the Lovie judges and to every person who voted for us; it really means a lot.”

The winners

Bang & Olufsen: See yourself in sound
Hello Monday/DEPT®
1 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze, 4 x People’s Lovie

For high-end consumer electronics brand, Bang & Olufsen, Hello Monday/DEPT®  created a web app that gives every user a uniquely sensory experience. ‘See Yourself in Sound’ is designed to generate a vibrant, one-of-a-kind avatar for every visitor, crafted in real-time by analyzing your Spotify sound profile and aligning your overall mood and energy levels to all the aspects of a 3D character. After your 3D character is generated, it can be shared with the world via link or a video that’s created just for you.

eBay x Love Island: Coupling up with pre-loved fashion
1 x Gold, 3 x Bronze, 3 x People’s Lovie

eBay, the global online marketplace, is a pioneer of thoughtful commerce. It strives to encourage shopping choices that are better for people, their pockets, and the planet. Within its fashion category, one of eBay’s core objectives is to inspire consumers to swap fast fashion for pre-loved. And what better way to spark a movement towards a more conscious way of shopping than by partnering with Love Island; breaking up the show’s long standing relationship with fast fashion brands. DEPT® expertly promoted the partnership, generating 217 million impressions across social channels, 1,400% more searches for ‘pre-loved fashion’ on its site and a 24% increase in new circular businesses joining the marketplace compared to series 8. 

Evrnu: Combining passion, art and science into a new identity and branding
2 x Gold, 2 x People’s Lovie

With a mission to reduce the garment industry’s environmental impact, textile innovations company Evrnu® needed a brand image that reflected its ambitions. After its first product, Nucycl®, was named one of the best inventions of 2022 by Time magazine, the company turned to DEPT® to carve out a defined brand strategy and identity for the organization and its technology. 

Prepare to Pioneer: An AI-fuelled experience to unlock personalized content
3 x Gold, 3 x People’s Lovie

‘Prepare to Pioneer’ is an AI-fueled wayfinder experience created by DOGSTUDIO/DEPT®, which encourages users to discover their Pioneering profile. Through a take on the well-known mechanics of fortune-telling, it takes users on a journey that offers a very unique twist on the traditional process of content curation, combining it with an innovative storytelling experience. Try it for yourself

Star Atlas: Experience a virtual gaming metaverse
Hello Monday/DEPT®
2 x Gold, 2 x People’s Lovie

Star Atlas is an AAA space exploration strategy game and blockchain-driven virtual metaverse. The brand is set to revolutionize the future of gaming, entertainment and beyond. Hello Monday/DEPT® partnered with their team to create an immersive digital experience that created excitement around the game’s launch.

Philips: It’s time to get real about body hair and One of a Kind
3 x Silver, 3 x People’s Lovie

Philips had a simple goal: to empower women all around the world, making them feel seen, heard, and proud of their bodies. So we assembled an all female team to tackle its latest campaign. We unleashed a social-native format that returned the power to those who truly understand the subject at hand: real customers.  And for the launch of its OneBlade, we launched the “One of a Kind” campaign – referring both to the unique aspect of the OneBlade and the too-good-to-be-true, unbelievable experiences people have with the product. 

Fritz Hansen: Curated content that connects inspiration and information
1 x Gold, 1 x People’s Lovie

Fritz Hansen is synonymous with Danish design and proud craftsmanship. They turned to DEPT® to create a modern digital platform that was inspiring, aesthetic and intuitive – just like Fritz Hansen’s design classics.

Give a Hand: Using tech for good
Hello Monday/DEPT®
1 x Gold, 1 x Silver, 2 x People’s Lovie

Following on from Hello Monday/DEPT®’s multi-award winning pioneering approach to teaching the sign language alphabet, Fingerspelling, they launched – the world’s largest open-source image library of hands fully tagged with data to help build better hand models.

Demo Festival: The largest motion design festival in the world
1 x Gold, 1 x Silver, 1 x People’s Lovie

Founded by STUDIO DUMBAR/DEPT®, the Design in Motion Festival (DEMO) is the world’s largest open air exhibition.The festival took over 5,000+ digital screens across the Netherlands to showcase the best motion design work from across the world. After receiving over 5,300 submissions, this unique, public exhibition of creative work featured 815 moving artworks by designers from 54 countries.

Van Gogh Museum: Reshaping the way researchers engage with art
2 x Silver

Vincent van Gogh is a true luminary of Dutch artistry. And when it comes to showcasing why he is one of the Dutch masters of painting, no museum surpasses the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. 
We created The Van Gogh Collection Catalogue to become an unprecedented digital experience for researchers and art lovers. 

Lapierre: Launch campaign for Lapierre’s latest eZesty eMTB
1 x Silver, 2 x Bronze, 3 x People’s Lovie

When Lapierre launched a new version of their eZesty electric mountain bike (eMTB), as Lapierre’s lead comms agency, DEPT® were tasked to develop and produce a launch campaign for the eZesty. We partnered with creative mixed media craftspeople, Mana, from Paris to create a striking campaign movie.

Trainline: A rallying cry to use railways
1 x Silver, 1 x Bronze, 2 x People’s Lovie

Trainline is Europe’s leading train and coach app. With a purpose for helping people make more environmentally friendly travel choices, the brand enlisted DEPT® to spread the word of its ‘I came by train’ campaign across paid social channels, inspiring people to help fight climate change and lower their carbon footprint by opting to travel by trains over cars and planes.

Virgin Galactic: Bringing users closer to space with a new immersive website
1 x Bronze, 1 x People’s Lovie

On a mission to accelerate the future of transportation and define the next generation of space travel, Virgin Galactic launched its new commercial spaceflight website to connect all those who are curious about space travel. The brand partnered with DOGSTUDIO/DEPT® to redesign their website which reflects the company’s vision & desire to create a community for future astronauts. 

Just Eat Takeaway x Katy Perry
1 x Silver, 1 x People’s Lovie

By enlisting pop sensation Katy Perry as the new face of Just Eat Takeaway’s 2022 campaign, it aimed to spread joy across 17 markets in 21 different languages. DEPT® was appointed as the lead digital agency to extend its iconic TV commercial into online and social channels, helping to cement ‘Did somebody say…’ as a ubiquitous slogan around the world.

The Embassies: Where life never gets old
Hello Monday/DEPT®
1 x Silver, 1 x People’s Lovie

Founded in Switzerland and globally at home, The Embassies is a global service living concept for lifestyle driven grown-ups, that radically changes the narrative on aging presenting a new way to grow old. A place to live and thrive. Hello Monday/DEPT® helped them to map out the end-to-end customer experience and designed a range of digital assets.

Meebits: A pixel-packed experience
1 x Bronze, 1 x People’s Lovie

When it comes to NFT collections, few have as large, active, and engaged of a community as Yuga Labs’ Meebits. With 20,000 unique characters, each with a rigged 3D model and full IP rights for holders, Meebits owners worldwide have created an eclectic, inclusive, and utterly creative digital culture. DOGSTUDIO/DEPT® created an official home for the Meebits collection, where they would roll out special content, activities and surprises that are as fun and creative as the community itself.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us and kudos to our amazing teams and clients for these incredible achievements.


Global SVP of Marketing

Marjan Straathof