Dynamic success: JYSK’s e-commerce transformation

JYSK, a leading retail brand, embarked on a journey to amplify its online presence in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Teaming up with DEPT®, they aimed to transcend traditional retail models and capitalize on the burgeoning e-commerce landscape.

Navigating challenges

The transition from physical to digital retail posed initial hurdles. DEPT® took on the challenge, focusing on enhancing sales, optimising conversion rates, and unlocking the Baltic market’s e-commerce potential.

Empowering e-Commerce

DEPT® implemented a few simple but impactful changes to JYSK’s online strategy. By introducing dynamic product ads and leveraging innovative campaign approaches across Meta channels, we aimed to streamline processes and drive measurable results aligned with JYSK’s objectives.

Simplifying Complexity

To enhance visual appeal and streamline the user experience, DEPT® introduced Catalog Sales Ads. Leveraging Confect, a cutting-edge third-party tool, we revamped JYSK’s product feed with engaging visuals and essential product details. This optimisation ensured seamless engagement and an increase in conversion rates.

Dynamic strategies

Recognising the fluid nature of online shopping, DEPT® tailored the strategy to resonate with the evolving preferences of the audience. Our dynamic campaigns evolved alongside the e-commerce landscape, ensuring JYSK remained competitive and relevant.

Achieving success

The collaboration yielded remarkable results, establishing a strong foundation for JYSK’s sustained e-commerce growth.


  • Immediate ~20% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) post-implementation of Catalog Sales campaigns, maintaining YoY growth.
  • Introduction of Confect designs in December 2021 led to further ROAS enhancement.
  • Uplift in website traffic with increased click-through rates.

The collaboration with DEPT® brought together professionalism and expertise that had a measurable impact on our e-commerce operations. Their team’s dedication was key in driving our online success.

Andrejs Jerkins, Marketing Director, JYSK


Paid Social Director

Kasper Koletzki Kuipers

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