Tailored Brands

Data transformation that established a cross-brand vision

Tailored Brands is a leading omnichannel retailer that delivers personalized products and services through a network of stores and e-commerce sites. Their brands include JoS. A Bank and Men’s Warehouse, among others. 

Tailored Brands found its analytics infrastructure outdated, slowing business decisions. They came to DEPT® with a clear challenge – to modernize their data infrastructure to keep up with the fast-paced industry changes.

Outdated system challenges

Tailored Brands wanted a modern system that would co-locate internal data (transactions, products, etc.) with data generated in external systems for marketing purposes. They also wanted to create a set of processes that would make it agile and highly responsive to the needs of business users.

This was accompanied by the challenge of increasing the data warehouse capacity, as traditional expansion methods were expensive and slow. Also, since the brand used multiple versions of ETL pipelines (extract, transform, and load), this had a critical downstream impact on analytics. 

For instance, updating business rules was complex and time-consuming, often taking several quarters. It also caused frequent data quality issues and loss of trust in data accuracy.

Revamping data infrastructure for success

To provide Tailored Brands with a comprehensive solution to address all their needs, we designed and executed a robust strategy for migrating the brand’s data infrastructure to the cloud. This migration allowed for scalability, flexibility, and increased efficiency.

Then, our data modeling team refactored and optimized business logic, ensuring that the new system was aligned with each brand’s specific needs. At the same time, our data engineers built a state-of-the-art cloud data warehouse to ensure that data could be collected, processed, and analyzed in a more efficient and timely manner.

And to expand the program’s success, our marketing, customer satisfaction, and merchandising teams collaborated to develop new data products. They designed it to monitor and improve the customer experience, ultimately driving higher retention rates.

Unified marketing insights and cost savings

For the first time, Tailored Brands had a unified view of its marketing data across all channels, which brought them more informed decision-making and a deeper understanding of customer behavior. 

To fully take advantage of integrated data, Tailored Brands has formed a new omnichannel marketing team. By migrating to a cloud data warehouse, the brand saved a substantial $2 million in licensing costs, freeing up resources for further innovation and growth.

Quality data to accelerate partnerships

The improvements in data modeling and quality resulted in a more reliable e-commerce experience, which was especially crucial as the COVID-19 pandemic emerged.

The faster processes in place reduced partner onboarding time by three months, facilitating quicker collaborations and partnerships.

Thanks to the efficiency gains, Tailored Brands was able to onboard a national sports partner ahead of their season, resulting in months of additional sales revenue.


Data & Intelligence Director

Kristoffer Hald

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