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Bringing a digital universe for new parents into the world


In a time where resources are scarce in the health sector, many new and expectant parents consequently seek information online, but the content they come across is of varying value – often commercial, non-transparent or unsupported by specialised knowledge.

The social humanitarian organisation Mødrehjælpen wanted to change this through the creation of a platform with a strong focus on giving parents and their small children a good start to life through a single overall entry point to important knowledge and counselling from relevant professionals. They therefore turned to Dept to help them develop a digital platform, which provides professional guidance, help and inspiration for expectant parents as well as parents of babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age. The result? Mødrehjælpen’s new website – a much-needed digital helping hand! 

Dept was involved all the way. From concept and strategy to name, logo and visual identity; determining the site structure, as well as building the website and pages from a SEO perspective.


”The many pieces of advice that are available online create uncertainty and confusion, because which pieces of advice can you actually trust? This is why we have made a digital extension, so to speak, of the good offers you are presented with in the public sector when seeing the midwife, the visiting nurse and so on.” – Ninna Thomsen, CEO of Mødrehjælpen


Mødrehjælpen means Mothers’ Aid, and this is exactly what Mødrehjælpen is all about. The social humanitarian organisation is particularly known for offering support and guidance for families in a difficult situation.

From their counselling, Mødrehjælpen recognised that more and more feel unprepared for pregnancy, childbirth and the first time at home, finding that the expectations of parenthood often fade in the meeting with reality. Some experience loneliness, in want of meeting other parents in a similar situation, and some also need professional counselling, which can help create a safe home environment for their family. An intuitive digital platform, with reliable information and guidance from relevant professionals, was needed.



In close collaboration with Mødrehjælpen and the Egmont Foundation, we helped define the new brand, including the name, whereafter we created the logo and the visual identity. An exciting challenge was to define how the digital universe of ties in with Mødrehjælpen’s brand, target group and offers. What we discovered was that the target group of was much broader, and hence it was important for us to ensure that it had its own design expression; professional and trustworthy, but still allowing room for the imperfect.

Building a new site from scratch, we wanted to ensure that defines itself as a clearly professional alternative to other less professional sites. Because of this, we have continuously had a strong focus on SEO in the build-up of the structure and of the pages, e.g. by creating a strong Keyword Analysis. The solution we developed also contains the best from UX and web design, and great effort has been put into tying together the content in all directions.

To ensure relevance for every single user, we chose to personalise the site. Among other things, users can create their own profile where they are exposed to targeted content, which fits the age of their child. They can also save their favourite articles and get help remembering important dates and appointments. Moreover, the site provides an overview of when to book time for their child’s various examinations and vaccinations – in an easy, intuitive and manageable way. In connection to this, we also ensured that the registration process is easy to handle, designing it as a dialogical form where a chatbot helps the user create a profile. An element which received a lot of positive feedback.

DELIVERING DIGITAL SUPPORT is part of the five-year-long partnership ‘1,000 Days’ between the Egmont Foundation and Mødrehjælpen, which is to ensure that all children thrive from birth and get versatile opportunities to learn and develop throughout the decisive first 1,000 days of their life. The collaboration dates back 75 years, and with this particular partnership the Egmont Foundation has invested close to 25 million DKK and Mødrehjælpen close to 6 million DKK in the early effort to support young families. From this, was born.

The desired platform, which had the clear purpose of offering digital support, should be able to stand alone, but with Mødrehjælpen as a clear sender. It was important that the expression worked for both easy and difficult topics, balancing the trustworthy with the accommodating. With this in mind, we wanted to ensure that works as a digital extension of the important offers and health care professionals that users encounter in the public sector during pregnancy and their child’s first three years – from the midwife to the visiting nurse and the pediatrician.

Through articles, videos and podcasts, the users can get tips for breastfeeding or getting started on formula. They can read about baby massage, apply for a baby starter pack, find local activities for themselves and their child, get advice on how to deal with teething babies – and lots of other digital content created in collaboration with professionals.



By acknowledging and accommodating the challenges, questions and insecurities of becoming a new parent, we created a site that manages that fine balance between the professional credibility and the imperfect life with small children. The solution not only fills a void but also creates value for the end users: the parents – and consequently for their children, who will ultimately benefit from the good start provided through this important website. Within the first two months, the site has already received more than 23,000 visitors.

We’re living in a world, where it is essential to be able to access important knowledge digitally. The computer, or perhaps even more so the mobile phone, has become an indispensable source of information. With exactly this in mind, Dept has created a solution for Mødrehjælpen, which employs the digital universe to get the message across to the desired target group. Together with Mødrehjælpen, we have created a strong new brand – a digital helping hand – which reflects Mødrehjælpen’s values, purpose, and knowledge. So, next time a new parent is experiencing bumps in the rocky road that is parenthood, they can simply reach out to their phone and grab the digital helping hand of

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