Adobe Commerce plugin: Credit card rewards browser plugin

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Give your customers discounts and exclusive offers right in their browsers. 

DEPT®’s commerce plugin integrates with Adobe for a seamless rewards experience.   

Credit card rewards browser plugin powered by Adobe Commerce

DEPT®’s Adobe Commerce browser plugin allows your customers to surface loyalty deals, access reward points, and shop for products across desktop and mobile devices. 

As your customers browse the web, aligned merchants are featured in search results, with CTAs showing discounts, vouchers, and exclusive offers aligned to their loyalty program.

The plugin provides a wealth of other functionality that can be tailored to merchant requirements, including 2FA, single-use credit cards, loyalty balances, and more.

Key features

This credit card plugin can help banks, financial institutions, retailers, and any brand that offers a rewards credit card. It’s easy to integrate with Adobe Commerce. 

Using this plugin, your marketing team has greater control and independence to push rewards and offers to customers. It’s fully integrated with your Adobe commerce store/marketplace, with a dedicated rewards portal to attract higher spending and promote featured offers.

Quick facts 

  • One-time install
  • Available on every partner website
  • Rewards embedded directly in search engine result pages 
  • Desktop and mobile support (iOS + Android)

Core features 

  • Proactively alert customers to deals when they navigate to a partner website
  • Automatically fill coupon codes at checkout
  • Embedded rewards portal, personalised offers
  • My Account details – Card details and points balance
  • “Always on” embedded marketplace 

Advanced features 

  • 2 FA codes
  • ‘Single-use’ credit cards for checkout
  • Mini-account view
  • Credit card balance

DEPT® is pioneering commerce technology 

As a leading commerce agency, we build pioneering tech that helps you stay ahead of the game. This includes custom plugins, apps, VR/AR, games, and AI-driven experiences. With hundreds of engineers and a knack for product development, we can help you innovate your commerce experience and grow your business. 

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