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Increase your relevance on YouTube using dynamic video Ads

Caroline Conrads
Caroline Conrads
Senior Project Managerin Digital Advertising
4 min read
1 April 2021

YouTube is not just something for young people and is no longer simply a branding channel. Rather, it has become the world’s second-largest search engine with over 1.9 billion active monthly users and is used by individuals of all ages. With so many users present, it’s also one of the biggest advertising platforms for many companies. However, to advertise on YouTube, you need video content. Many of us assume that such content is expensive, time-consuming and not ideal for companies who frequently renew their offers. But this is a common misconception.

How to create a dynamic video?

Video content is growing in popularity, so it makes sense that marketers would use this medium to showcase their available products or services. To create simple yet dynamic video ads, brands can use a feed management tool such as Productsup. A simple yet efficient tool which creates ads based on a customisable template and updated via a feed. In other words, the video is based on a static element (the template) and a dynamic element (the feed). Once created, the video can be updated again and again and may be used for multiple campaign formats on YouTube making it possible to use one video across your entire funnel. So there’s no need to produce a new video every time a new campaign or product need to be advertised. If you know your audience, you can easily personalise your video content for various consumer segments. 

Trueview – a new advertising format

Advertising opportunities have been available on YouTube for quite some time. But since 2019 the video platform has a new campaign format called TrueView for Action which enables performance-oriented advertising. Any video campaign which has a CTA and a headline can use this format. It allows marketers to input a target Cost per Action and then Google’s algorithm will find customers, based on their search queries, who are likely to convert via your campaign. This information opens up the opportunity for personalised video ads which can improve your click-through rate. A good example of this is the video marketing campaign Netflix did for the series “Stranger Things”. The streaming giant noticed that people were searching for “how to make slime” on YouTube so they created a b-roll ad showcasing a slimy scene from “Stranger Things” with text which related to the user’s search term. So this new video campaign format can help drive leads and lets marketers focus more on strategic planning thanks to its automatic bidding feature. 

A winning combination

When it comes to advertisements, YouTube boasts a high visibility rate compared to the industry standard thus making it the biggest advertising platform for many companies. Dynamic Video Ads can both run performance campaigns and help brands maintain their presence. And if companies use a tool such as Productsup (this is one of many such tools), templates can be refilled countless times, which makes video production scalable. Combining this with YouTube’s TrueView for Action format, marketers are empowered to personalise adverts based on known search queries. This means brands can create high-quality and relevant personalised ads that people won’t want to ignore.

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Senior Project Managerin Digital Advertising

Caroline Conrads