ATF Services

The digital transformation of a construction security corporation

For over 25 years, ATF Services was focused on the business of temporary fence rentals. Recently, they took a leap into the digital realm by venturing into remote monitoring services. However, their transition to the digital landscape wasn’t without its hurdles. While their hardware was performing admirably, the software side hit some bumps. Clients struggled with managing multiple devices within the app, and the user experience needed a serious makeover. These and other roadblocks were obstructing ATF’s forward progress, so they came to DEPT® for the next iteration of their product. 

We didn’t just build a platform. We changed the business

Our concept for ATF was to develop a user-friendly platform that not only simplified access to live camera feeds but also introduced handy features like alerts and seamless coordination with third-party security personnel. We approached this by looking deeper into ATF’s service model and identified additional features that would make ATF even more valuable in the eyes of their clients. 

Transforming construction security from the ground up

We designed a managed platform that’s easy to use and lets clients access multiple live camera feeds. Additional features that we integrated included alerts and surveillance scheduling, as well as more specialised solutions. 

Originally developed using Python Django over eight years ago, we utilised AWS Lambda, Eventbridge, and Dynamo to enhance performance. Working in a high-security environment, a fool-proof system was required. We integrated software that coordinates the deployment of security personnel from third-party vendors.

For secure camera connectivity and real-time security callouts, we implemented a hybrid Telstra and AWS cloud WAN. This optimal setup processes thousands of event requests per second from 3,000 cameras across Australia and New Zealand.

In the end, we developed a full suite of products that gave greater control to ATF and their clients.

ATF’s market leadership is driven by innovation

ATF Services has become Australia and New Zealand’s most widely deployed security product for commercial, residential, construction and industrial sites. ATF Vision is now the fastest growing division within ATF Services. In 2020, ATF was able to rapidly deploy digital security solutions to construction sites that were closed during Covid. Thanks to the digitisation of the business, they were able to respond to these disruptions caused by the pandemic.


SVP of Creative & Media

Jason O’Donnell

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