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Increasing revenue and growing brand awareness with new audiences

The client is an emerging health technology and eCommerce company with a singular focus: “To inspire people to realize health as a daily life practice.” The Finland-based company has gained significant popularity among health-conscious individuals worldwide for its fitness tracking product. The product boasts a sleek, modern design and goes beyond traditional fitness tracking to monitor and report a user’s sleep habits and body temperature. It can even help the wearer identify signs of potential illness. As a result, it is gaining notoriety as the most accurate guide on sleep, readiness, and activity.

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Decrease in CPA


Spike in impressions


Increase in Black Friday sales

Sizing up a new audience

Despite early success, the client’s executive team wanted to grow the business and expand beyond their core customer base. But the health technology market is crowded, and gaining broader traction against competitors like Apple, Amazon, and Fitbit and really carving out space as a different type of wearable would require agile execution of an exceptional marketing strategy.

As 2020 came to an end, the broad goal that drove the brand’s marketing was to tell a new story – one that would have broader appeal without making their premium product sound generic. And while the company had been effective and scrappy in their early growth, taking the next step would require an even greater emphasis on strategy, research, analytics, and measurement.

The client had conducted in-depth research on potential audiences and came to a clear (but fairly broad) understanding of who might best understand the promise of the the primary product. While these consumers shared a lot of important traits that made them naturally interested in the available products, there was a significant spread in the health benefits they sought and the goals they set, not to mention where they spent time online and where they got their information.

Understanding is winning

To segment and refine the client’s target audience, we looked at the consumers who fit the general persona in a full-funnel, top-to-bottom manner without breaking the information down by channels. We also leveraged internal research and external tools like Lotame to better understand which benefits seemed to resonate and which did not, along with new audiences.

This wealth of audience insights made it much easier for the company to connect with people when they enter the marketing funnel. The company was able to communicate customized messages for various audiences, including those who wanted to increase their athletic performance, those who want to manage their stress, or those who just want to feel more energized in the morning.

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Growth beyond expectations

Partnering with DEPT® had both an immediate and long-term impact on the client’s growth goals. After just one month, CPAs decreased by 22%, and that reduction reached 40% by the end of the first quarter while consumer sales had increased 10x year-over-year. Additionally, in the first month, the client exceeded their Black Friday sales goal by 100% and saw a 63% spike in impressions around the brand’s search presence. The research and analytics data that DEPT® gathered throughout this project is also now regularly used by various marketing teams within the company.


VP of Growth

Lou Amodeo

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