Increasing customer acquisition through digital

eyebobs is a leading eyewear company that works with some of the best designers in the world to develop daring, distinctive frames.

They historically experienced steady year-over-year growth, but 2020 introduced new complexities to navigate and increased competitiveness within their industry. These market shifts forced eyebobs to reimagine its marketing strategy so it could continue to expand its customer base and increase revenue.

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distinct growth opportunities


strategic recommendations

Creating an action plan to lead in the digital landscape

To keep pace in an extremely competitive digital landscape, eyebobs tasked DEPT® with uncovering all potential growth marketing opportunities and making specific recommendations for how to capitalize on those.

This action plan included three main goals:

1) Acquire unique new customers without exceeding profitable customer acquisition cost limits

2) Increase revenue via digital channels

3) Grow and maximize the opportunity within eyebobs’ existing customer list

131 growth opportunities.
13 strategic recommendations.
1 vision.

Stage One:
DEPT® conducted a comprehensive, robust audit of eyebobs’ marketing and website tech stack, their site’s user experience and SEO health, and their digital marketing program. This full-funnel opportunity analysis uncovered improvement opportunities within four areas:

  • Data management and measurement
  • Website technology and content
  • User interface improvement and testing approach
  • Marketing strategy and execution

Across these four areas, we highlighted 131 distinct growth opportunities, which were then synthesized into 13 strategic recommendations.

Stage Two:
We recommended strategies and tactics that would optimize eyebobs’ available resources for rapid impact and maximum growth. We also presented a 12-month digital growth plan for eyebobs to act on those recommendations and achieve their peak potential.

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Through our partnership, eyebobs is “owning it.”

eyebobs is still in the early phases of executing the plan DEPT® presented, but they are in the process of “owning their data.” They are already experiencing impressive results and building a game-changing infrastructure for continuous growth. Some of those outcomes include:

  • Conversion improvements of 150 basis points in some channels
  • Improvements in eyebobs’ ability to acquire new customers through paid media
  • Significant improvements to eyebobs’ website, such as speed improvements and underlying architecture changes
  • Implementation of a data warehouse and consumer data platform

Overall, we have seen improvements in our ability to acquire new customers using paid media. Based on DEPT®’s recommendations, we have made improvements to our site that have led to speed improvements and underlying architecture changes that will help significantly over time.



VP of Growth

Lou Amodeo

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