Banking client

Empowering digital banking with Adobe

An Indian bank had a vision to build a world-class bank with a customer-first philosophy. 

With a roadmap for new digital features, we worked with Adobe Experience Manager to turn this vision into a reality.

AEM upgrade and cloud migration

To enhance its digital banking offerings and introduce digital cards to its customers, our banking client needed to upgrade its Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) version and migrate from on-premises to cloud infrastructure. 

We updated the AEM from version 6.3 to 6.5 to harness the latest features and capabilities of the platform. At the same time, we started migration from on-premises infrastructure to the Adobe Managed Services (AMS) cloud, ensuring a seamless transition while safeguarding sensitive data.

These solutions ensured that the bank could provide seamless and innovative financial services to its clients.

Seamless digital card launch

The bank wanted to launch new digital cards for their users, so they needed an appropriate application process. We created a comprehensive product onboarding journey for new and existing customers encompassing every interaction, from selecting the desired card type to account opening. 

To ensure safety, we implemented eKYC and vKYC verification and integrated the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and the Unique Identification Authority of India (Aadhar). By leveraging the power of Solr search and implementing AEM headless, we provided seamless access to bank services across multiple channels and devices.

Special referral program

To encourage new customers to get a digital card from the bank, we introduced a friends and family referral program. Existing customers could create a unique link and share it with the people in their community.

This simplified the application process, allowing qualified individuals to get their digital cards in just two steps, reducing onboarding time and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Within the first six months of launch, the bank crossed over 100,000 credit card journeys, demonstrating the effectiveness of its initial digital transformation efforts. Moreover, Adobe and a cloud-first infrastructure helped the bank reduce time-to-market and achieve greater agility, scalability, and reusability, which laid a solid foundation for future growth and innovation.


VP Global Adobe Alliances

Himanshu Mody

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