Closing the tech gap for the elderly

The risk of social isolation and loneliness among ageing adults is on the rise, but solutions are hard to come by. With life changes such as the loss of loved ones, retirement, and physical limitations, elderly individuals often find themselves socially isolated. 

Dossy recognised this challenge and partnered with DEPT® to bridge the tech gap for elderly individuals, their friends, families, and caregivers. The goal was to combat social isolation and loneliness by providing seniors with a user-friendly platform for effortless face-to-face communication.

The challenge

The challenge was to create an accessible and inclusive video app that makes it easy for the elderly to stay connected with their loved ones and support networks. Many seniors face issues like low vision, limited tech knowledge, and hearing impairment, making technology a daunting prospect with endless accessibility challenges. Dossy wanted to simplify this experience and empower seniors to connect with their families and friends with just a tap.

Rewiring technology to reduce social exclusion

The DEPT® team set out to design an app that caters to seniors with diverse needs, focusing on increasing accessibility and usability. We ensured that the app was easy to navigate, even for those who might not be tech-savvy. Key features included hearing aid compatibility, guided access, optimised sound, and larger fonts for the vision impaired. The app also facilitated real-time family availability coordination and allowed users to set connection goals to encourage healthy interactions and foster a sense of belonging.

A unique and intuitive video calling app connecting seniors with their community

We set to work producing an accessible design that provides people with low vision, low tech and hearing impaired users an easy experience and additional support with hearing aid connect, guided access, optimised sound  and larger fonts. The Dossy app effortlessly coordinates and simplifies real time family availability to manage groups and set connection goals for those who need it.

The app’s community connect feature links seniors and cared-for individuals with volunteers for a friendly chat to keep them engaged and stimulated. We developed a system to notify volunteers when participants wanted to talk and used a dynamic ranking algorithm to choose the best-suited volunteers.

Our design approach focused on simplicity, making Dossy easier to use than a standard phone call. Given that our end users were elderly individuals with potential mobility and accessibility challenges, we placed great emphasis on crafting an experience that prioritised inclusion. Accessible design elements such as hearing-aid connection and optimised sound enables easy use for hearing impaired users, whilst guided access and larger fonts cater to those with low vision.

Considering these diverse needs of the end-user, Dossy simplifies the process of creating a support network to proactively fight against social exclusion and foster connection between generations.

Increasing empowerment and reducing isolation

We helped create an app that combines simple technology with everything seniors need to connect with their family and friends. With one tap connection that allows elderly loved ones to know exactly when to call and they know how to do it when people are not there to help.

Dossy’s B2B model approach with Aged Care Providers has embraced successful funding support from renowned University of Melbourne and Uniting AgeWell. Demonstrating the market’s interest and confidence in Dossy’s simple yet effective solution. 

Dossy is changing the way residents in aged care and those living alone connect with their families, friends and carers. This app is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for those who may be less tech-savvy and provides a simple solution in reducing social isolation and loneliness.


VP Games & Emerging Technology

Joey Egger

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