Capturing creativity with a TikTok campaign

Time? It flies by. It’s why we like to capture our lives through photographs. It allows us to relive special and everyday moments. Polaroid’s cameras make these moments tangible with just one click. The iconic brand is well known among people over 30, but not as well known among the younger generation who is digitally native: Generation Z. A generation that captures experiences with their smartphones. So how do you bring Polaroid to the attention of this group? We set to work on this issue together with Polaroid which resulted in a successful TikTok campaign reaching over 9.4 million users.

Polaroid Go:
How to reach
Generation Z?

Polaroid believes we are what we create. Polaroid’s unique instant cameras make this possible. For the first time in over 20 years, Polaroid created an entire new camera system and film. The new model is more compact, the smallest instant analog camera ever designed, and better suited to the lifestyle of Generation Z: the Polaroid Go. Together we set out to find the answer to the question: How do we reach Generation Z with this camera?

Our approach

Welcome to TikTok

The creativity of TikTok influencers

The use of Spark Ads

Performance through the roof

The spot-on and platform-specific content combined with our well-defined targeting resulted in a strong performance of this campaign. Besides the huge reach, we also noticed that the target group was very interested in the content of the campaign. With the valuable insights we gained from this campaign, the next campaigns are already in the starting blocks.

  • More than 20 million impressions 
  • A total reach of 9.4 million unique users
  • A view-through-rate of 53%

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Social Advertising Consultant

Vincent Mosmans

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