A new digital approach for an animated YouTube sensation

Kids’ development is vastly accelerated when they’re in their preschool years. This is also a time in which they learn many social cues while enjoying screentime with the TV and the internet.

Oddbods is a show that provides hilarious sketch-style entertainment for preschool-aged children. It features a group of animated characters that, through their endless silly capers, show kids how to build relationships, have empathy and develop confidence in themselves.

One Animation, the creator of Oddbods, wanted to find innovative ways to reach their audience beyond their 20 million international YouTube subscribers. They partnered with DEPT® and Weyo to create a new digital approach.

Entertainment for preschool aged children

One Animation sought to engage kids actively and teach them important life skills through the Oddbods characters. They aimed to create an experience with distribution outside of YouTube. We used augmented reality (AR) to create an engaging and interactive app designed for preschool children. The core idea was to incorporate Oddbods characters into daily routines and make them enjoyable.

We made daily routines fun and engaging with AR

The Oddbods help kids build confidence in themselves by teaching them how to deal with everyday situations. We built the Oddbods Oddlife app to focus on very basic, everyday things like washing hands, brushing teeth and going to bed—except, of course, we made them full of goofy fun. Oddlife is designed around our custom-built AR facial tracking. In the app, kids can put on a virtual mask and become an Oddbod. They’re invited to play interactive games, join singalongs, and perform their tasks alongside their favourite Oddbod friends. 

Oddlife was designed with preschool-aged children in mind. The app features positive reinforcement and rewards from Oddbods characters to encourage kids to complete tasks. The app’s intuitive and user-friendly interface allows children to navigate independently, and displays the rising and setting of the sun. It also offers offline games for situations with limited internet access, enhancing its accessibility and appeal to young audiences.

An award-winning app that teaches essential life skills

We engineered an experience that supports One Animation’s belief that entertainment should be active and engaging. True to Oddbods original programming, Oddbods Oddlife features kids’ favourite characters that are full of personality and heart. And much like the show, the app is being enjoyed by children around the globe.

Oddlife won the Silver Telly Award for Immersive and Mixed Reality in 2020. It successfully engages children worldwide, teaching them essential life skills in an enjoyable manner.


VP Games & Emerging Technology

Joey Egger

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