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A Mobile-First for Wellness with The Bachelor’s Sam Wood

The journey with our client, Sam Wood, began in 2018 as the online fitness program 28 by Sam Wood  flourished. As the health and wellness program featuring 28-minute workouts captured an extensive following, the digital landscape shifted to mobile dominance. The need arose to align the AWS powered platform with users’ device preferences to ensure relevance, usability, and cohesion.

Adapting to user demand without compromising quality

28 by Sam Wood is a resource for thousands, offering daily diet, exercise, and mindfulness routines. Initially delivered through a website, the challenge was to adapt the program to modern mobile-centric audiences. We collaborated with Sam Wood to seamlessly integrate the program into busy lives, enhance retention, and drive acquisition. 

Leveraging technology to fuel innovation

We initiated a mobile-first approach, redesigning every web component for mobile responsiveness. We wanted to craft a mobile and Apple Watch app that would revolutionise the 28 by Sam Wood experience – from workouts and mindfulness, to recipes and grocery shopping.

To address the challenge of daily unique workouts,  exercises were filmed from various angles and  footage was spliced programmatically to save memory and offered customisation flexibility.

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the app thrives on daily engagement, gamifying the experience. Users access a personal fitness trainer, driving healthy habits through guided workouts and suggested nutritious meals. The app’s unique audio-based running experience, coupled with Sam’s coaching, further enriches user engagement.

We prioritised an iOS-first launch, optimising iOS 11’s imminent global release and positioning the app for maximum attention.

A chart-topping app launch

Our strategy aligned with Sam Wood’s commitment to making wellness time-efficient and accessible through his signature 28-minute workouts. The new app respects clients’ schedules by providing immediate mobile-access to a suite of materials that were originally hosted on Sam Wood’s website. Recognition came swiftly as 28 by Sam Wood secured Apple’s ‘App of the Day’, Editor’s Pick, and soared to #1 in Health and Fitness. 

With over 400,000 users worldwide, 28 by Sam Wood successfully adapted to evolving customer demands, providing the convenience of a fitness trainer right in your pocket. We streamlined video content through smart filming, saving memory and enhancing customisation. A digital trainer in your pocket encourages daily interaction, while the audio-based running experience adds a new dimension.

Shifting to mobile-first design on AWS platform to gamify daily fitness, DEPT®  and Sam Wood’s partnership exceeded expectations.

DEPT® went far beyond the build of a market-leading app. They became a key strategic partner in our business, driving commercial outcomes and helping use build internal capability.

Sam Wood, Co-Founder and CEO at Sam Wood


SVP of Growth APAC & Head of Australia

Evan Davey

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