Employee Benefits

Besides creating inspiring work that challenges us daily, working at DEPT® also comes with many employee benefits. Check out some of our benefits that are offered in the Netherlands.

Personal development

We are committed to help you become better on a personal and professional level. It is up to you to map your own career path – vertical or horizontal growth – with boundless enthusiasm for your job.

Flexible workspaces

Good work is not defined by location. We offer the flexibility to work where you want, whenever you want. Working from home? No problem! Working abroad up to 12 weeks a year? Let’s go! As long as you are on top of your game, the options are endless.

Flexible working hours

We don’t have a strict 9 to 5 mentality; what is most important is that you are available when your clients and colleagues need you, and that you can finish your projects during your work day.


On top of the 24 vacation days provided, you can save extra vacation days by choosing to get paid fewer hours to earn extra vacation days. As icing on the cake, you can even buy unlimited extra vacation.

Parents at DEPT®

We allow new parents to take 6 weeks of partner leave to enjoy their newborn daze. We understand it can be a challenge to combine parenthood with your career and try to facilitate this as much as possible with the option to take additional parental leave.

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Good company

DEPT® strives to be the best digital agency in the world by pioneering in tech and marketing. We not only aim this for our people and clients, but society as a whole. As a B Corp certified company we protect the climate, create impactful work and build towards a more diverse, equal and inclusive organisation. 

Pension scheme

Once you start at DEPT®, you automatically take part in our flexible pension scheme organised by BeFrank. DEPT® deposits 1% pension contribution and will make a 4% pension base available as gross salary allowance which will be paid out automatically on a monthly basis via your salary slip. You can decide to use this allowance to make additional voluntary contributions to the pension plan, or use the money in a flexible way for other needs.

Mobile phone & laptop

To be available during work hours, you get a mobile phone and a laptop for work-related purposes. In addition, you get a monthly internet allowance for working at home.


You will receive an NS Business for your travels from and to the office. If you decide to travel by car, your trips will be reimbursed. If you live close by the office you can benefit of our tax-friendly scheme to purchase a bicycle with optional accessories and insurance.

Fresh lunch & snacks

You are welcome to take part in the fresh and healthy lunch that is served at our offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. If you’re lucky you also get to try the delicious baking skills of our catering team in the kitchen with daily snacks provided.


We like to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, we offer free boot camp sessions, and yoga and mindfulness training multiple times a week. Prefer to train outside of work? You can get a discount on many gyms, sport clubs and yoga schools in the Netherlands.

Social calendar

To maintain our DEPT® culture, we like to see each other not only in the office, but also outside of work. We have a nicely filled social calendar, such as our iconic Festival, Weekender, skiing trip, and Friday afternoon drinks.

Benefits app

We are big fans of flexibility and freedom and therefore we give you full ownership of your holiday allowance. Whether you prefer to spend it monthly on great deals and subscriptions or prefer to receive the allowance in May as usual – the choice will be yours completely!

DEPT® Apparel

Who has their own fully sustainable clothing brand? We do! A monthly drop so you can go through life fully Deptified!

Referral bonuses

Great people know great people. That’s why we want to hear from you who you have in your network that we should definitely talk to! If we hire your friend, family member or former colleague you can earn up to €2.500,- on top of your salary.

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