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Technology Campus

Technology is all about innovation, efficient solutions, and creating the best digital experiences. Starting out as a developer, we don’t have to tell you that. What we can tell you, is that we can accelerate your current knowledge to a higher level at the DEPT® Technology Campus, through an internship that educates you to become a real development expert. 

The DEPT® Technology Campus comprises a group of interns just like you. We’ll throw you in at the deep end, but don’t worry: we’ll arrange life jackets in the form of training sessions and workshops. In addition, we speed up your development through intensive one-on-one mentoring. You will further specialize in front-end, back-end, or mobile development. You will be able to map your own learning path, but we provide professional guidance to achieve your personal goals and to realize your ambitions.

As a DEPT® Technology Campus member, you are part of a project team. We work for clients such as, GANT, and the Van Gogh Museum. It can be hard work, but you’ll enjoy having independence to proactively think of solutions and take responsibility. We are eager to welcome and guide you, where you can learn from the right people, show us what you excel in and before you know it you will be our next development rockstar.

So, could you talk for hours about API architecture, coding languages and cloud technologies? Do you enjoy working in a small team with enough space for personal coaching and development? If the answer is yes, the DEPT® Technology Campus is tailor made for you.

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Michaela-Ann Murphy