Google Marketing Platform (GMP) is an integrated ad-technology platform that enables advertisers to more effectively manage, measure and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns.

GMP integrates world-class solutions to help buyers run holistic campaigns across all media channels. The products within Google Marketing Platform all seamlessly integrate so that you can plan, buy, measure, and optimise digital media and customer experiences in one place.

As an official GMP Reseller, DEPT® can enable you to acquire your own GMP licence. This means full data ownership and a futureproof setup without loss of historical data.

Campaign Manager 360

Campaign Manager 360 is an ad management and measurement system for advertisers and agencies. It offers a centralised tool for managing your digital campaigns across websites and mobile. Campaign Manager 360 includes a set of features for:

– Ad trafficking: upload your creatives, set targeting criteria, and run ad campaigns.

– Reporting: measure performance goals for your campaigns across all media channels.

– Verification: check that your ads are serving correctly and delivering quality results.

Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 is the solution for automated campaign management, inventory management, bid management, and reporting of all your search campaigns in one place, including Google  Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing) and Yahoo.

With Search Ads 360, it is possible to do efficient campaign management across all of your SEA accounts. The campaign set-up, adjustments, and optimisations across all search engines can be managed centrally. Automatic rules that you can set yourself ensure efficiency by automating repetitive work, and adjustments are processed directly via the API.

Analytics 360

Analytics 360 is one of the core products of the Google Marketing Platform for website and app analytics. Direct integration with display and search campaigns, as well as website personalisation, makes the experience faster and provides sophisticated opportunities for reporting and audience activation. Analytics 360 provides the possibility to aggregate the data of all properties into a roll-up property. Intelligent non-last click attribution models such as multi-channel, data-driven attribution (MCDDA) ensure a thorough understanding of your user behaviour.

Optimize 360

With Optimize 360, you can easily create and test compelling new experiences for your website visitors. It helps you see how changes to your site influence how customers behave and convert. That way, you can deliver more personal web experiences to every customer – from that “front door” greeting through the final sale.

Display & Video 360

Display & Video 360 is the Demand Side Platform (DSP) of Google. It provides access to premium inventory across the web and allows agencies and advertisers to buy video, display and mobile campaigns in one place. It is the ultimate place to centralise all of your brand advertising, with exclusive access to the deals marketplace and integrations with all data providers.

Google Data Studio 360

Google Data Studio 360 provides a broad variety of real-time visualisation and editing solutions, with a wide choice of charts, graphs and visualisations for the data. A convenient visual drag-and-drop editor allows for creating any report or dashboard with a few clicks. The native integration within GMP products allows for an easy setup.

Google Surveys 360

Google Surveys 360 is a simple, effective market research tool that lets you create online and mobile surveys to get relevant industry and consumer insights. Real people answer your questions as they browse the internet. When they do, they get access to the premium content they want, and you get the insights you need.

Google Tag Manager 360

Google Tag Manager 360 consolidates your website tags with a single snippet of code and enables you to manage everything from a single web interface. You can add and update your own tags with just a few clicks, whenever you want, without hassling your IT folks or rewriting code.

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