Cloud & DevOps

Cloud software is integral to modern businesses. Colleagues sing from the same sheet when connected through the right cloud-based software. Supporting your business at every stage of digital transformation, DEPT® can provide a future-ready infrastructure that scales as your business develops, always supported by our expert DevOps teams.

Cloud platform expertise

DEPT® is partnered with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, providing deep expertise with the three market-leading cloud platforms. Our DevOps teams can support your business through migration, pipeline setups, infrastructure builds and automation projects.

Managed services are also an option, providing ongoing, expert management of your digital infrastructure. This includes international hosting support and proactive guidance, creating a system of ongoing improvement that maximises the efficiency of your business.

Dedicated DevOps teams

DEPT®’s dedicated teams are on hand to provide strategic consultancy and support implementation. Knowing how central digital operations are to the success of your business, we provide 24/7 support, safeguarding your business from any technical hiccups.

To support international e-commerce, we have dedicated DevOps teams across the world, from Berlin to Boston, Mar Del Plata to Manchester. This means that the common challenges of rolling out and maintaining a multilingual website are solved as soon as they occur.

Automation plays a key role; our teams can provide scalable, automated solutions to reduce human error and boost the speed of your business operations. This can be highly useful in reducing the time spent on administration and management, allowing your organisation’s workforce to focus their attention elsewhere.

Scalable cloud solutions

Bridging the gap between development and operations, DEPT® offers guidance and strategic implementation across the three most popular cloud offerings. This includes continuous integration and delivery pipelines, full-stack solutions and provisioning code-driven cloud infrastructure. The focus is on a scalable solution, creating an agile framework that enables your business to adapt as your market develops and disrupts.