Companies seeking to stay connected with customers across increasingly complex customer journeys will appreciate Spryker.

Fast and flexible innovation

As an operating system, the Spryker Commerce Operating System offers a range of turn-key features that allow fast and flexible innovation. Ranging from standard B2C and B2B capabilities to voice commerce, IoT and chatbots, Spryker provides a suitable solution for any ambitious company.

Online competition today has shifted to innovation, the application of data and above all, speed. The focus is now on launching new business models quickly and to continuously improve. Utilising and owning technology has become a fundamental part of doing online business. If you are looking to enter new channels such as in-car commerce or voice commerce, an e-commerce framework gives you the full flexibility you’ll need.

The Spryker Commerce OS is an API-first platform that was built completely modular and headless. Agile and scalable, Spryker has a low TCO due to a fast ROI, short time-to-market and lean development. Spryker was born out of the need to launch quickly and scale later. With a framework that allows for customisable business processes, thousands of orders a day can be processed without unnecessary complexity.

Your Spryker partner

Spryker works in close collaboration with superReal, that became part of the DEPT® network in January 2018. Since June 2018, DEPT® partners with Spryker in the Benelux. As an operating system, Spryker is well fitted to accommodate companies across all verticals looking to digitalise and reinvent their business models. DEPT® supports customers with strategy, development and the day-to-day running of marketing campaigns.

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