A Google search marketing strategy for twenty countries

JYSK is an iconic Danish retail chain which sells “everything for the home”. The brand was founded in 1979 and though the owner had big dreams, he never expected his business to grow so fast. What started off as one store in Denmark has transformed into more than 2,800 stores in 52 countries worldwide. Given this rapid development, the company needed help in devising a Google Search marketing strategy and turned to DEPT® for help.

Improving digital communications via Google

Nowadays, numerous shoppers get inspired and informed via digital brand communications. JYSK wanted to become a digital leader in this domain. However, it can be difficult for bigger well-known brands operating internationally, like JYSK, to establish consistent and measurable effects from their online marketing investments, such as Google Search. Thus, together we created a strategy for the company’s Google Search marketing that is managed from one central location and with predictive forecasting. This gives the brand the right tools to decide where to focus their budget and resources to maximise their return.

A Google Search strategy that is transparent and enables predictive forecasting

Optimising based on one global strategy

Given this large and intricate undertaking, it was clear that any set-up our team put in place would have to embrace complexity but at the same time be action-oriented and automate processes whenever possible. So, the first step to an action-oriented set-up was to design a solid Google Ads account structure which would deliver a strong data foundation enabling the company to make decisions based on these insights. Thus, we created unity across the different countries and categories by aligning the company’s Google Search strategy globally and by working with one native specialist per market. 

We proceeded by segmenting the company’s shopping campaigns and expanded the number of keywords used per market, ensuring JYSK’s ads performed better. We also automated the company’s Google Text and Shopping ads to make this process more efficient. Additionally, we put in place a third-party tool called DataFeedWatch to continuously optimise and improve the content of JYSK’s product feeds in order to improve the brand’s Google Shopping performance. This means numerous attributes, such as titles, were enriched by adding synonyms to individual product types. Several different scripts were also implemented which constantly check for anomalies or broken URLs since twenty accounts are almost impossible to monitor manually. Lastly, our specialists combed through the company’s existing setup and fixed any incorrect settings and added missing extensions.

By optimising the company’s campaigns, we created a complex set of high-quality data which algorithms can use to optimise their marketing budget. Our team was able to do this by analysing the full customer journey and using attribution to shift the budget to areas which yield a higher return on investment. We also leveraged bid management to avoid budget limitations.


ROAS growth


Revenue increase


Growth from Google to store

From gut feeling to facts

With a large digital media investment across twenty markets, JYSK and DEPT® observed big results thanks to new data, specialist and country-focused execution of search marketing. The brand can now easily see the effects of their Google marketing efforts enabling them to focus their budget and resources to maximise their return:

  • Their ROAS grew by 33%.
  • While revenue increased by 99%. 
  • Google Paid Search tracked to store visits (where measurable) grew by 72%
  • Omnichannel ROI grew by 41%
  • This digital strategy drives 58% of the total growth of JYSK, with online sales crossing a massive milestone of one billion Danish Krones in the latest financial year. 

Armed with knowledge and digital marketing tools which unites twenty countries, JYSK is able to accelerate its business. 


Digital Marketing Consultant

Teis Adrian

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