The future is ours to create

We started DEPT® to build the best digital agency in the world. And that means building the best digital agency for the world, too. One that has a positive impact on our people, our clients, the planet and society at large.

As part of our journey, we want to be transparent about the impact we make. That’s why we are sharing our Impact Report 2020, which covers our social and environmental performance, all that we have achieved already, and our plans to build an even better, more sustainable DEPT® over the coming years.

In 2020, we made progress toward our major impact milestones. More than 8,5% of our total revenues came from projects that helped accelerate our clients’ social and environmental impact; we gave away more than 1300 hours of creative time to purpose-driven organisations; we became 100% climate neutral; and more than 30% of our office space is now Green Building accredited. Furthermore, our evolving hiring and retention practices brought us to a workforce of 42% women, and we piloted faceless recruitment to invest in a more diverse and inclusive organisation. Not to mention we are super excited to be committed to becoming a certified B Corporation!

We know genuine change requires continuous commitment and we’re up for the challenge. We look forward to working towards a more inclusive, sustainable world, and commit to invest in more impactful work for clients, refining our diversity hiring practices, mobilising our employees for the community, and doing our part to protect our planet.

It is also our hope that we are just one example in a growing list of global brands to make these commitments and take action in building a better, more sustainable world. We encourage all companies to learn more about becoming Climate Neutral, committing to B Corp, or making faceless recruitment a part of their hiring process.