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Need to build a unique brand experience using SCAYLE? Our global e-commerce team can help. 

A comprehensive e-commerce solution

SCAYLE is a robust e-commerce platform that covers product information management (PIM), order management systems (OMS), shop management, checkout, and more. Featuring a modern, headless architecture where the back end and front end are decoupled, you can sell across a variety of channels. 

As an API-driven platform, it’s simple for development teams to integrate best-of-breed tools and customise front ends. This technology allows you to create marketplaces on your owned channels while also distributing your products to third-party marketplaces, like Amazon. 

All in all, SCALYE can help your team scale while maintaining flexibility and control. It’s a great choice for many brands. If you’re unsure which solution you need, reach out. We can help you decide which e-commerce platform is best for your business based on your goals, team size, capabilities, and more.   

Clients & partners

About You
About You

We value a great working relationship with our clients above all else. It’s why many of them have worked with us for years as their trusted partner.

Work with DEPT® to implement SCAYLE

With years of experience building enterprise e-commerce solutions, we can help your brand across the full spectrum of e-commerce. From designing your store experience and developing custom front ends to helping you select third-party tools and analysing campaigns, our global e-commerce team can get you there. 

To compete with other online stores, you need to offer unique and delightful digital experiences. Our team has decades of design and development knowledge that focus on creativity, data, and ROI. 

If desired, once your SCAYLE store is built, our digital marketing team is ready to step in. With experience in paid media, creative automation, and Amazon advertising strategies, we can help you increase traffic, orders, and profits from advertising dollars. 


Our fit-gap analysis helps you find out whether SCALYE is the right solution for your business. If it is indeed SCAYLE, we create a roadmap and implementation plan based on your internal needs and processes. 

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VP eCommerce Europe

Tim de Kamper

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