Google Optimize 360

User-friendliness and optimal experiences help define e-commerce success.

Accelerate your digital business with Google Optimize 360

To deliver engaging customer experiences, Google Optimize offers A/B testing, website testing and personalisation tools. As a certified partner, DEPT® supports customers with the testing of hypotheses and the data-driven improvement of online experiences and digital results.

Although testing has no clear defined ROI, companies that choose to work data-driven and allocate budget and capacity will eventually see a much higher return on their investment. As a starting point, the free version of Google Optimize offers a set number of tests and options. You can immediately start with the continuous testing and thereby improving the customer experience on your website. Any significant difference you find in the test results can be immediately applied as an online improvement. The integration with Google Ads also gives you the possibility to personalise landing pages without creating extra landing pages or altering your page templates.

The paid enterprise version Google Optimize 360 is meant for larger companies in need of an advanced test process. As a premium testing and personalisation tool, Google Optimize 360 comes with more simultaneous test options and experiment goals, audience targeting with Google Analytics 360 and management through the Google Marketing Platform.

At DEPT®, we help to convert your data into results. We support the entire process of analysing the current state of your platform, drafting and selecting hypotheses, setting up tests, producing insights and helping you learn about your customers. This is an ongoing process in which we help you create a rhythm of continuous improvement.

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