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Putting business growth in the spotlight for Pipedrive

Bel Moretti
Bel Moretti
Creative Director
4 min read
4 March 2024

Created with DEPT®, Pipedrive’s new global campaign helps businesses go the distance by showcasing SMB’s road to success.

Pipedrive, the easy and effective sales CRM for small businesses, is introducing its new creative platform ‘The Pipedrive’, bringing to life the brand’s mission of helping small businesses grow, even when the road to success can feel confusing and long. The new global expression embodies the brand’s positioning of “Driving Business Growth”, and is built on a consumer problem that life in a small business is a balance between thriving and surviving. 

Imagine how much better the journey would be if you could put it on autopilot – that’s what using Pipedrive feels like for small businesses – it takes all the guesswork out of the way and lets you enjoy the ride. In “The Pipedrive”, a striking green car is used as a metaphor for the brand’s promise to empower small businesses on their road to success; with easy and effective tools to unlock their business potential.

The concept comes to life through three stories: ‘Fork in a Road’, ‘Confusing Roadsign’, and ‘Roundabout’. These were created and produced by lead creative agency DEPT® and shot on location in South Africa. Each story introduces 3 distinct Pipedrive features through a repeatable problem-solution arc: using automotive visuals as a metaphor for the bumps in the road that business owners face and Pipedrive manifests as the satellite navigation, to help them navigate through it

“At Pipedrive we know that behind every small business, there’s a story of many twists and turns. Our new campaign dramatises the journey and the role Pipedrive plays in helping our customers on their journey to business success”, said James Stoker, VP of Marketing Strategy, responsible for Brand at Pipedrive. “We’ve been on our own journey with our brand over the past couple of years, which started with our first brand campaign in summer 2022. This campaign is the next stage and brings our value proposition to life in an emotive way in a dynamic market”

Many CRM brands talk about supersizing business results, but Pipedrive isn’t one of those – they actually do it. They’ve been putting business owners and salespeople in the fast lane for years, so when they brought us on board for this global brand campaign the real challenge was communicating what they already do distinctively”, said Sasha Jackson, Senior Creative Lead, DEPT®. “The automotive metaphor is something only they could do because of their name and meant we could talk to every market because it transcends language. It’s a concept that can live on, again and again, building their brand now, and in the future.” 

All creative assets were tried and tested through research in the US & UK, surpassing benchmarks across both markets.  With a holistic media plan, ‘The Pipedrive’ is rolling out in the UK, US, Germany, and Australia and includes digital and traditional formats such as OOH and audio –  including placements on podcasts such as ‘How I Built This’ in the UK, ‘Fast & Curious’ in Germany or ‘How to Be a CEO’ in the US. The campaign is a product of a 2-year-long partnership between Pipedrive and DEPT® as the lead creative agency and strategic brand partner.


Creative Director

Bel Moretti