An online world that enchants adults and children alike

The world of Playmobil makes children’s hearts beat faster, whilst at the same time offering premium quality. It is therefore only logical that the toy manufacturer also places special emphasis on outstanding customer service and an efficient sales channel online. Oracle’s versatile customer experience solution (Service Cloud) and Salesforce’s highly scalable e-commerce platform (Commerce Cloud) fully met these requirements and that is why DEPT® implemented both technologies into Playmobil’s systems.

Playmobil as a pioneer of the online market

In 2006, the toy manufacturer was one of the first companies in Germany to use a cloud-based e-commerce solution and chose Salesforce Commerce Cloud as its shopping platform. Today – more than a decade after the launch of the website – Playmobil decided to reform the existing shop and again commissioned DEPT® to make all of the shop adjustments.

User friendliness is a top priority

As Playmobil wanted to meet the growing demands of its customers and their increasingly mobile use of the internet, its main priority was to optimise user-friendliness and thus provide a responsive website. DEPT®, therefore, developed the entire online shop in responsive web design. Since the relaunch, customers are now also automatically forwarded to the right shop in their country, registered buyers are guided quickly and conveniently through the purchase process via the “Quick Checkout” and the search function “search as you type” has been optimised.

Bringing it all together

Brand experience

Customer service

Service cloud modules


Director Web3 & Partner

Jan Gutkuhn

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