Technology & Tools

The most successful companies rely not just on one tool, but on a suite of digital marketing tools to grow their business. Tools that help you to understand your customers, competitors and campaigns. Smart applications that check the availability of your website, tools that alter online advertisements (even based on the weather!) or ways of connecting data warehouses. The tools we use are either best-of-breed from selected partners like Google Marketing Platform, or they’re invented and built by our in-house development team.

Monitoring your campaign

A keyword that’s not performing well, or an advertisement that’s letting you down? Changes in your competitors’ campaigns that demand a different bidding strategy? Your campaigns are monitored automatically by our tools, as well as by your digital consultant. The tools ensure that significant changes in your campaign are noticed immediately, so we can act on them in real-time and as soon as possible.

Monitoring your website

Just like your home, a website is never finished. Different teams in a company can alter what’s offered on a website. They modify aspects such as text, titles and URLs. Every change that is made, no matter how small, can have an impact on a website’s performance. That’s the reason we developed a tool that automatically checks what changes are being made to a website, and that ensures that critical trackers are not removed from the website. Does something go awry? Then your digital marketing consultant is informed immediately to take action. So you can rest easy.

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