Knowing whether a visitor has become a customer is highly valuable information for businesses. Our six-step process can help you on the way to achieving your goals. Your conversion rate can be vastly improved by enhancing customer experience and minimising any possible obstacles.

Conversion Attribution

By default, most web analytics software programs give credit based on a last-click model. Meaning that the last channel a converted visitor interacted with gets full credit for the conversion—an unrealistic approach in the majority of cases. With custom conversion attribution models, we provide complete insight into the value of each channel and find out to what extent they contributed to conversions.

Conversion rate optimisation

With conversion rate optimisation, we optimise your digital platform step by step with data-driven development. All to fulfil the needs of your target audience. We identify possible obstacles to conversion and enhance the user experience, so your marketing campaigns yield better results.

It’s not a matter of ‘tricking’ your visitors into buying or simply implementing best practices. Improving your platform means analysing data and searching for ways to better help your visitors achieve their goals. And by doing so, you’ll find that you’ll achieve your goals as well.


When it comes to your digital presence, you can cast a wide net, of course. You’ll probably catch quite a few fish in it, but you’ll miss out on many, too. A method that guarantees a bigger and better haul is personalisation. By tailoring digital experiences to the wants, needs, and personalities of your audience, you’ll make the experience more relevant to them. A sure-fire way to increase conversion.

There are various ways to do this. There are cookies, you can change your offer based on the device used, or even pinpoint your user’s location. We’ll gladly help you find out which method is right for you.

How we can help

Whether or not a visitor becomes a customer can depend on the tiniest details. Our six-step process allows us to get a full view of the customer and conversion rates.

  • Define the goals of your company and your visitors. We determine the most important goals together, decide which tools to use and check the status quo of the web analytics.
  • Collect the data we need. Gathering both quantitative and qualitative input gives us insight into what your user is doing and why they’re doing it.
  • Analyse customer data. The goal is to turn data into information, and information into actionable insights. Therefore, we also dive into the motivation of your visitor’s actions.
  • Create an optimisation plan. Together we prioritise actionable insights, so we know where to start and which path you need to follow to achieve your targets.
  • Test. We conduct tests to see how the optimisation plan affects customer behaviour on your website.
  • Learning & improving. We continue to learn and provide an improved platform with a higher conversion rate.